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Greater Nevada Expands Business Lending Services

Credit Union's increase in business loans reflects growing demand in northern Nevada

(Carson City, Nev.) July 24, 2014 - Over the past year and a half, Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU), the area's largest locally-based credit union, has seen more than 115% growth in its business lending portfolio. One of the credit union's newest products, construction loans, is taking off just as rapidly, thanks to local businesses that want to expand, and the unique services offered by Greater Nevada to help them do it.

Vice President of Business Services, Jeremy Gilpin, says his team is filling a gap for small to medium size businesses that need money to build and expand. "Many of these loans are too small for the bigger banks and often get referred to us, especially since other financial institutions in our area aren't necessarily equipped to deal with construction loans. We have not only the expertise for taking care of these loans, we also have the flexibility to look at different options and ultimately find a solution that works best for each business owner."

A recent example is L.A. Bakery in Carson City, which, thanks to a construction loan from Greater Nevada, was able to expand its business to provide better dine-in and take-out options, while also increasing its wholesale distribution. Like many businesses in northern Nevada, an area hit hard by the recent recession, L.A. Bakery was ready to grow, though funding options remained limited, especially through larger financial institutions.

Gilpin says that though Greater Nevada has offered business services for decades, it wasn't until last year that a focus was on significantly expanding the department and its offerings. Collectively, his staff offers business owners more than a hundred years of experience, as well as a competitive suite of deposit and loan products. For example, the credit union currently offers three different business checking products, as well as a wide variety of business loans (including SBA and agricultural loans), business credit cards and merchant services.

"Up until last year, northern Nevadans haven't thought of Greater Nevada Credit Union for business banking and loans," says Gilpin. "By having the services and products that are in demand, as well as the expertise and flexibility to customize each solution, we're able to help a lot of local businesses get to the next level."

Greater Nevada is headquartered in Carson City and has been helping Nevadans with their financial needs since 1949. The credit union serves more than 45,000 consumers and small businesses, and has $500 million in assets. Greater Nevada has also been consistently recognized as both Best Financial Institution in many of its service areas and as a top employer by the Reno/Tahoe Best Places to Work Awards. For more information, visit<>.

Photo: (pictured left to right) Roger Kadz, Business Development Officer, Nevada State Development Corporation, Melissa Harlow, GNCU Branch Manager, Jeremy Gilpin, GNCU VP of Business Services, Jesse Hartford, GNCU Business Lending Specialist, and Holly Speir, GNCU Business Services Specialist, outside of L.A. Bakery, which expanded thanks to a construction loan from Greater Nevada Credit Union.

Northwest Reno Branch Now Open

Our brand new location in Northwest Reno is now open for service! Stop by the northwest Reno branch, located at 5150 Mae Anne Ave., Suite 203 in Reno. In the Ridgeview Plaza on the corner of Mae Anne Avenue and McCarran Boulevard, the new location is a full-service branch featuring a walk-up ATM, 24-hour depository for business members, a progressive in-branch experience and friendly staff! We are excited to be able to offer better coverage than ever to our membership with nine full service branches, access to more than 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, and a network of shared branches.

Updated Fraud Detection System

As part of our continuing effort to bring the best technology and service to our members, we at Greater Nevada Credit Union are upgrading our Fraud Detection and Notification System. The new system will provide more immediate attention to notify our members faster when fraud is suspected. The notification portion of the system includes a state-of-the-art automated assistant to help our members review transactions and confirm their spending activity on debit cards.

If you receive a notification from our automated assistant, whom we have nick-named Jill, please work with her to answer questions regarding recent card activity (NOTE: she will not ask you for your debit card number, or any personal or financial information that your financial institution should already have). Please also be aware that our Card Member Security team that provides fraud alert management is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week should you need assistance from a live agent.

If suspicious transactions are identified as fraudulent, calls will be transferred to our outstanding member support team at Card Member Security to help you take the necessary precautions to protect your cards and related accounts. If the recent activity is legitimate, members will be able to close the case with the phone attendant using their touch-tone phone.

Thank you for your support through this upgrade and, as always, thank you for being a member of Greater Nevada Credit Union.

Heartbleed Not Impacting Greater Nevada

Recent news reports have detailed a security vulnerability exposed on Monday called OpenSSL 'Heartbleed' vulnerability. The Heartbleed vulnerability has affected many websites, allowing sensitive data to be exposed. The Greater Nevada Credit Union website is not running the implementation of SSL that is impacted by Heartbleed, and is entirely secure. All of our online systems have been thoroughly analyzed and necessary steps have been taken to prevent any potential risk. Please rest assured that your financial information is safe and secure at Greater Nevada.

Please call (775) 882-2060 or stop by a branch if you have any questions or concerns.

Email Phishing Scam

Greater Nevada Credit Union has recently been made aware of a reported phishing scam that some credit unions may be experiencing.

This fraudulent attempt to capture cardholder information is done with an email from possible various credit union email addresses. One recent email reported is, however there could be various emails used.

The message indicates confirmation of the member's activation to the MasterCard SecureCode Service, instructing the member to personalize their MasterCard SecureCode account as soon as they can. A link has been provided to have the member log into their account. MasterCard has confirmed that this is not an email address used by MasterCard.

Click here to see a sample of the fraudulent email.

Please remember that Greater Nevada Credit Union will never ask for your personal or financial information by email. Should you receive an email directing you to call a "customer service" telephone number, please use caution. Check our website at to validate the number. If you are unable to do so, or if you receive a suspicious email or have any form of unsolicited contact from individuals seeking personal information about you or your accounts, please notify us at

Attention Mobile Banking Users

If you use our mobile app on an iPhone 4 or later, iPod touch, or iPad 2 and later, your device must be updated to iOS 7.0.6 to allow full functionality. This is an important measure to ensure your communications are secure and transmitted data is protected from fraud attempts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (775) 882-2060 or stop by a branch.

News - Credit Report Pop-Up Ad Scam

Pop-Up Message Is Not From Greater Nevada Credit Union

We were recently made aware of a scam involving a pop-up marketing ad that targets customers when logging in to a financial institutions' online banking system. This scam has effected multiple financial institutions. This fraudulent "adware" attack uses the customer's Internet browser history to launch the pop-up message, and makes it appear to have come from the bank or other financial institution.

If you should encounter this pop-up ad, please do not click on any associated links, nor provide any financial or other sensitive information online. The pop-up ad did not come from Greater Nevada Credit Union, and we will never ask you to provide such information through an email or pop-up message.

This adware attack is not related to Greater Nevada Credit Union, and has no impact on the continued safety and security of the credit union's website or eBranch online banking.

To help protect yourself from this type of adware attack, you may want to run anti-malware/anti-virus tools on your computer. If you did encounter this ad and either clicked on the link and/or supplied any information, please call us at (775) 882-2060 for assistance.

NCUA Warns about Telephone Fraud

Consumers Targeted by Vishing Scam Should Call Agency's Hotline

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Jan. 21, 2014) – The National Credit Union Administration today warned consumers to beware of a new telephone fraud, known as a "vishing" scheme, that is using the agency's name in an attempt to obtain personal financial information.

Several credit union members have been contacted by an automated phone call claiming to be from NCUA and notifying consumers their debit cards have been compromised. The call then asks the receiver to follow prompts, which request personal information, including sensitive financial data and personal identification information.

Anyone contacted by this so-called "vishing" scheme should immediately contact NCUA's Consumer Assistance Center Hotline at 800-755-1030 or by email at to report the scam. Operators answer calls Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern.

View the entire Press Release here

Target Payment Card Breach

On December 19, 2013, national retailer Target announced that they experienced a debit and credit card information breach through their point of purchase terminals at their U.S. stores. The breach took place beginning November 27 through December 15, 2013. If you used your Greater Nevada Visa Debit card or Personal Rewards MasterCard at a Target store during that time frame there is a possibility that your account information may have been compromised. This does not mean fraud has or will take place on your account. If your Greater Nevada debit or credit card was included in the data breach you will receive written notification in the near future with additional information. As always, both Visa and MasterCard have Zero Liability policies in place which protect you from any costs associated with the unauthorized use of your card.


As a precautionary measure to protect member accounts from unauthorized activity, Greater Nevada Credit Union recently reissued new debit cards for accounts that were identified in the Target payment card breach. Members were notified via mail and should be receiving new cards no later than 1/15/14.

If you received one of these letters, please activate your new card by calling (800)421-6674. Continue to monitor account statements to ensure all transactions are authorized by you.

For additional information and to report unauthorized activity on your Greater Nevada Visa Debit card – call (800) 421-6674.

For additional information and to report unauthorized activity on your Greater Nevada Personal Rewards MasterCard – call (800) 421-6674.

Please rest assured that we will do everything possible to protect your personal financial information from unauthorized access. You can call us at any time or stop by your nearest branch if you have questions or would like to have a new card issued to you.

Thank you for being a member of Greater Nevada Credit Union.

A message from Target's CEO

Introducing Remote Deposit

Now you can securely deposit checks right from the convenience of your mobile phone! Using our mobile banking app, you can simply snap a photo of your check with your iPhone or Android phone and make your deposit without ever leaving your house. Click here to learn more.

Mobile Banking

Online banking is great...if you happen to be at a computer. With mobile banking from Greater Nevada, you can download our eBranch online banking application and access eBranch from any cell phone, PDA, or other mobile device. And just like eBranch, our mobile banking is completely free.

Setting up Greater Nevada's mobile banking is simple. Make sure you've enrolled in Greater Nevada eBranch, then download and install the app from the Android Market or Apple App Store, login and get started. Or visit our Mobile Banking page for more information.