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Advancing the Future of Credit Unions

Connect for the Cause is the California and Nevada Credit Union League's online grassroots advocacy network that allows credit union supporters to communicate quickly and easily with state and federal legislators on pending issues, legislation, and industry regulations impacting credit unions.

For example, when Congress or the state legislature is about to vote on a piece of legislation that will affect credit unions, you can visit the Connect for the Cause website and send a message to your elected representative to ask that they vote with credit unions.

Connect for the Cause gives credit unions greater influence on important issues by sending your message along with those of thousands of other credit union supporters.

Your Voice Matters

In April 2008, banking groups sent Congress 19,000 opposition letters in response to a non-controversial piece of credit union legislation, and as a result, Congress didn't take action on this bill. By voicing your opinion and Connecting for the Cause, you can help credit unions continue to battle for legislation intended to better serve members.

Through your support, Connect for the Cause can educate other consumers and elected officials about the services credit unions provide to working families and to the community, as well as inform them about the importance of maintaining credit unions' tax-exempt status.

Register Today!

Register for Connect for the Cause today by visiting Once you've registered, Connect for the Cause will notify you about important issues impacting credit unions. The Connect for the Cause homepage also lists current credit union issues that you can read more about or take action on.

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