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Greater Nevada Credit Union Member Testimonials

Providing a greater member experience is something our team at GNCU strives for every day. To monitor our service levels, Greater Nevada administers ongoing email and online satisfaction surveys.

Following are recent testimonials members have shared through these surveys:

  • "GNCU have been so welcoming for both my personal and small business account. The customer service is the best and the staff are very knowledgeable!!" (July 2018)
  • "Again, GNCU has made my general banking experience safe and friendly. Support has been great and I love the late, extended hours customers can call if they need help. My applying for loans has not been the best of my experience." (July 2018)
  • "I have been a Credit union customer for may years. I was ripped off by a bank once and the word bank has become a four letter word. I have trusted Credit Unions since I was in the service and rely on them to be honest and very friendly. I have also found Credit Unions to be very forgiving if you make a mistake, unlike Banks." (July 2018)
  • "Needed some assistance with on-line banking, it was checked on, then the situation thoroughly explained, other questions answered with guidance given, I have been a customer since the 1990s and have always received the assistance needed, Thank you. " — Laura A. (July 2018)
  • "I have been a member for over 45 years and still think that GNCU is great!!!" (July 2018)
  • "Great rates, fast and courteous service personnel. Glad to be back with you after a 30 year absence for not being competitive. Keep up the good work." (July 2018)
  • "I went into a branch and was able to secure a loan honestly within minutes. The process was fast and smooth with no hidden issues. The simplest loan I've ever had." Debbie (July 2018)
  • "Greater Nevada has consistently exceeded our expectations. They are member/customer oriented, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. In addition to personal service, the online banking is well organized and very easy to use." Rick (June 2018)
  • "Brandon Huff, our loan rep, was absolutely amazing. He helped us every step of the way. This was a somewhat unique transaction that involved shipping an out of state private party vehicle. He was super responsive, and even when we got a bit of cold feet, understood, and was more than ready to help with whatever we decided. I could not have asked for more. Hands down the best loan rep you guys have!" (June 2018)
  • "Just a wonderful group of folks to do business with, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful." Rick (June 2018)
  • "I have been with GNCU since 2008. I have had nothing but great service from them. I tell other people all the time that they should check out GNCU." Luther (June 2018)
  • "I have had so many bad experiences with other banks but all their branches and the customer service via telephone have been the best I have ever had!!! Loving this bank!!! " (June 2018)
  • "The Fraud department is the BEST..they were very helpful when a charge came up on my account that I knew nothing about. I was beside myself when they called to ask me about it and they calmed me down and took care of it. I know that my bank has my back. Thank you for being there and watching out for us!!!" Chellye (May 2018)
  • "My car loan is at a great rate. The whole loan experience was wonderful! " (May 2018 )
  • "I have been with GNCU for over Thirty years. They have came through for me in hard times and good times. From a signature loan to car loans to a new house in Jacksonville Florida. Now living in Florida the online banking is the best way to do banking. My story is: My mother past away and we called to see if we could get a personal loan. The people that was there to help not only put the loan together but had a check and papers ready in one hour. Then went to buy a new car and we drove away with financing at the best rate in less than two hours. The last big event was I was buying a new home in Jacksonville Florida and had deposited funds in one of my accounts and the day we needed the money transfer by wire to the escrow office here in Florida it was completed within time to close the deal. This is why I have been with GNCU for so long. I asked for help and they went above my request. " — Mark B. (May 2018 )
  • "GNCU has over the years watched over my personal security on my account and called me when someone tried to use my debit card number to buy something in CA! They cancelled my card and gave me a new one on the same day. You are great! Thank you GNCU. "  — Teri K. (May 2018 )
  • "Our family has been banking at GNCU for 24 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Friendly, knowledgeable, the employees are long term and know us by name. " — Lucy (May 2018 )
  • "I have found this company to meet my expectations far and above what I was expecting." — Renda B.(May 2018 )
  • "Brandon at GNCU was awesome! I called about a personal loan to pay off some debts and he suggested something that was tailored more to my needs and saved me a ton of money!!" (May 2018 )
  • "Every person we came in contact with seemed to go out of their way to be cordial and helpful, while at the same time being professional." (May 2018)
  • I have been a customer since the 1990s and have no desire to change. GNCU people have always been helpful with my transactions and loans and in giving guidance." — Laura (April 2018)
  • "Senior MSR Linda Capalbo was faced with a long line and slow computer as she worked to assure each member received an exemplary level of service. She continuously assured the waiting members that they would be assisted shortly, while still focusing on the member in front of her. My request, for specific bills, was unusual and required her to check with other Reps. and in the vault. While she could have simply said, "I don't have any of those", she acted as if I were her most important customer that day. She went above and beyond in handling my request. She was the perfect example of a motivated employee demonstrating excellent member services skills. She should be a trainer...or perhaps Manager. Thank you for the service." (April 2018)
  • "The employees at this branch are very nice and easy to talk with to solve an online problem. Will be glad to use that branch for all my banking needs." (Golden Valley) (April 2018)
  • "Both the mobile app and branch services are phenomenal - the system works really well…when there is going to be mainentance, there is ample warning to plan ahead. I truly appreciate the efforts GNCU has taken to adapt its services to the digital age. In addition, whenever I do go into a branch in Carson City, NV, (both branches), I always receive prompt, courteous, efficient welcome and service." (April 2018)
  • "Saturday in bank transaction excellent, Brandon met us at door and completed in 5 mins." (April 2018)
  • "The branch is so helpful and everyone is so friendly. I can't imagine banking anywhere else." (April 2018)
  • "This experience regarding personal finance only solidifies the axiom that lending is most appropriately conducted by a local Credit Union, rather than a large network bank. In this respect, I would have to say that GNCU is the cream of the Northern Nevada credit unions." (March 2018)
  • "The finance department is awesome! Over above helpful. Save me a lot of money!! Thanks Brandon!" (March 2018)
  • "GNCU and Cindy made our RV loan so easy and informative that we actually asked Cindy, 'So that's it, that's all we have to do?' Cindy replied, 'Yep, now go have fun shopping, and let me know!'" (March 2018)
  • "Great service, amazingly easy process for my auto loan!" (March 2018)
  • "We drove by the credit union many times before finally stopping. We are new to Nevada and finally decided this is where we wanted to do our banking. We were so welcomed. Love all credit union has to offer. Great representative!" (March 2018)
  • "Outstanding service and friendly staff makes my experience great every time!" (March 2018)
  • "I think that this is a good bank for people to bank with. The people are very nice and are very informative." — Elizabeth S. (March 2018)
  • "Great staff, great savings on my auto and RV loans." (February 2018)
  • "I have visited many banks and credit unions and never have I ever encountered such wonderful service. No matter what branch I visit every employee goes up and beyond the call of duty with each interaction. The customer service level at GNCU is supreme and not pushy like at other establishments. That is why I will continue to spread the word on how all other banks and credit unions need to rise to the same level as GNCU when it comes to banking and customer service." (February 2018)
  • "Greater Nevada Credit Union is always prompt to respond to our needs." (February 2018)
  • "Always friendly and efficient."
  • "We have been members for years and have no plans to go anywhere else. GNCU has been there for us all through the years. Thank you GNCU for all the years and many more." — The Costons (January 2018)
  • "Greater Nevada Credit Union has been nothing but a pleasant and reliable company to bank with. I will continue to back with them as I am pleased with their services."(January 2018)
  • "Greater Nevada Credit Union is a great place to do business. The people are friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a member for life."(January 2018)
  • "GNCU, best rates and best service, can't be beat."(January 2018)
  • "Awesome customer service, love having my loans with the credit union." — Kari (January 2018)
  • "As a new resident to Reno, I appreciate all of the friendly assistance I have received. I am so glad that I chose GNCU as my primary "bank". Thank you to all that have helped me."(January 2018)
  • "Great service. Very friendly and knowledgeable." — Dennis (January 2018)