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Disaster Relief

Greater Nevada Makes Commitment to Provide Aid to Puerto Rico and Caribbean Credit Unions; All Greater Nevadans Invited to Join

A Special Message from Wally Murray, Greater Nevada President/CEO

This year’s hurricane damage has wreaked a great deal of damage to numerous parts of the Western Hemisphere. Starting in Houston, then to Florida, and on to Puerto Rico and islands in the Caribbean, a great many lives have been altered in unimaginable ways. And while this is not a new story, it is one that remains difficult to comprehend for those of us who have not directly experienced such impacts. Hurricane destruction St Martin

Over the years in the U.S. we have developed some of the finest disaster relief systems in the entire world. So when something like this occurs in an area within our 50 states, assistance is generally made available quickly and in quantities that are helpful. While the system is not perfect and sometimes may seem to fall short in some areas, it nevertheless does bring a level of aid and relief to the impacted areas when such situations occur. However, the story is generally not the same in other parts of the world.

Those areas that are lesser developed and where entire territories, nations and regions have economies that are essentially “hand to mouth” at best are often unable to even begin to adequately address the impacts that such natural disasters have on their citizens and infrastructures. So with events of the magnitude like last month’s hurricanes that slammed Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, entire populations of people are left fending for their lives on a daily basis until power, water and other basic life sustaining infrastructure can be restored.

This really hit home when I read a headline in a credit union trade publication titled “Puerto Rico CU Employees 'Getting Nervous' as Supplies Run Low”. The article provided interviews and examples about the incredibly difficult circumstances being endured by our fellow credit union employees and members. I realized that if we are all part of a truly cooperative movement, as Greater Nevadans we should take action and find some way to support those in need.

With that said, Greater Nevada Credit Union will donate $64,000 from its community relations fund to the National Credit Union Foundation to support the relief efforts for credit union employees and members in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In addition, I will personally donate another $6,000 to those efforts and have challenged my fellow Greater Nevada employees to collectively contribute another $5,000 by this Friday, October 6. That will make Greater Nevada’s total contribution at least $75,000.

If you would like to join us in this fundraising effort, we would love to have you! Anything you donate using the instructions right side of this page will be added to Greater Nevada’s totals and show just how committed our credit union, its members and its employees are to Helping More People Live Greater!

Thanks in advance for anything you are able to do to assist in this endeavor. Please know that it will be appreciated from the bottom of my heart, and that I greatly look forward to letting you know what we were able to accomplish together for this highly worthy cause.

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How You Can Help!

  1. Visit the CUAID.COOP donation page:Click Here
  2. Check Personal under Donation Type
  3. Type in Greater Nevada Credit Union as the Organization Name
  4. Complete the rest of the form. Your information on the form, including how much you contributed, will remain absolutely confidential. Your donation will also be tax deductible.
  5. We’ll then get a grand total amount donated under the Organization Name "Greater Nevada Credit Union" from the National Credit Union Foundation to share with everyone.