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Message from the President

Wally Murray, CEO Greater NevadaCHANGE – LET’S DEAL WITH IT

Several years ago, I used this forum to briefly discuss changes that were going on within the world of Greater Nevada. This time I thought it might be appropriate to approach change from a different perspective: how it affects each of us individually.

First, let’s just admit the obvious: many of us don’t much care for change. Statistics show that the majority of people truly dislike change and the disruption it brings. And yet change happens every day. It’s as inevitable as the rising of the sun.

Change is something we can usually only influence but almost never control. It brings about new opportunities but also pushes us out of our comfort zones. It’s an unstoppable force, and we spend our entire lives dealing with it. Some changes we know are coming, and we can try to prepare for – things like trying to buy a new home or start a new business, planning for a family addition or our children’s education, or that well-deserved and long-desired dream vacation.

Other types of change occur more abruptly and sometimes unexpectedly, catching us off guard and creating significant stress – events like the car breaking down and requiring a major repair, a large increase in our rent payment, or an employer needing to reduce the hours we work. Those types of change can be troubling as we try to figure out how to deal with them. They can also leave us regretting that we didn’t save a little more money last year, or that we made a big purchase that we shouldn’t have.

If that’s the situation you sometimes find yourself in then please know you are not alone! In fact, recent data show that nearly 50% of all Americans do not have the financial resources to cover a $400 unexpected expense. Yes, you read that correctly, almost one-half of all of us would be unable to replace that much-needed appliance that has suddenly broken down by using our savings.

You should also know that there are GREATER options if life throws you a curve ball. Greater Nevada’s employees have a Passion for Helping More People Live Greater, and all 270+ of us have the ability and desire to help you deal with these impacts – or avoid them all altogether. We can even help you put together a simple plan to build your emergency savings and resources so that you become the other half of people who can deal with those stressful unexpected changes when they happen.

To get started, simply speak with one of our member service representatives. You can also visit us online at, where our interactive financial education center can help you quickly understand how to be better prepared for change and its financial impacts. It may not seem like it now, but it will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Warmest regards and God bless,

Wally Murray

Wally Murray