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Message from the President

Nevada Owned Means Making a Difference

Wally Murray, CEO Greater NevadaWho actually owns Greater Nevada Credit Union? Well you probably already know that answer because… IT’S YOU! That’s right, 100% of GNCU is owned by its membership, and all of our 54,000+ members own an equal share of the credit union. Since the vast majority of our members live in the Silver State, that makes Greater Nevada Credit Union truly a Nevada owned business.

Well that’s all well and good, but does it make a difference? The answer to that one is…ABSOLUTELY! That’s because at Greater Nevada the plans we make, the things we do, the revenues we generate, the money we spend, the jobs we help create and the community activities we support are all focused on helping benefit Nevada and Nevadans.

We think that’s a pretty important distinction. We’re pleased and proud to be part of the very fabric and culture of Nevada, as we have been for more than 68 years. Through thick and thin, Greater Nevada has been here finding more ways to support Nevadans and their communities.

By the way, that’s certainly not a claim that all financial institutions doing business in Nevada can make. It’s interesting that some of those that would seem to be Nevada based by their name are actually owned by groups with no ties to our state. In fact, even some credit unions with operations here are actually based in other states. While there is nothing illegal or shady about what they do, we think a business model based on a local business using local funds to create local opportunities for local people has more merit.

So the next time you’re thinking about establishing a new financial relationship in your life, think about what it would mean to your community if you chose Greater Nevada. Whether you’re trying to find a checking account with valuable debit rewards, put away some extra money for your future, finance a vehicle or home, lower your insurance costs or take steps to move your locally-owned business ahead, we have the products, services and people that can help you achieve your goals.

And remember, when you choose Greater Nevada, you’re also choosing to support Nevada.

Warmest regards and God bless,

Wally Murray

Wally Murray