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Commercial Loans Checklist

Gather the following information and documentation to apply for a term loan, line of credit, or other business loan:
  • Business Name
  • Business Taxpayer ID number or Social Security number
  • Business Structure (i.e. Sole Proprieter, Limited Liability Company, Corporation), copy of legal formation will be needed
  • Business Owners (i.e. Sole Proprietor, LLC Members, Corp. Directors, President, etc.)
  • Personal Financial Statements (one for each owner and/or guarantor)
  • Past three (3) years of IRS Tax Returns for both Personal and Business
  • Past Three (3) years of Business Financials (i.e. Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements)
  • Current Business Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Banking Checking and/or Savings account statements
  • Contact Information
  • Application