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Business & SBA Loan Checklist

Business Plan

  • Description of the business
    • History and nature of the business
    • Ownership structure
    • Copy of State of Nevada registration
    • Description of key management (résumé to include education and/or experience)
  • Product/Market
    • Products
    • Competition
    • Market area
    • Major customers
    • Major suppliers
    • Description of your facilities

Loan Request

  • Purpose of the loan (use of proceeds)
  • If the loan is to construct a building/facility, please provide a copy of the plans, specifications, builder contract, and legal description.
  • If the loan is to purchase property, please provide the legal description and an offer to purchase.
  • For the purchase of equipment, please provide specific information about the equipment and a purchase order or invoice.
  • Additional items for consideration for collateral will require descriptions and valuation information; equipment list or depreciation schedule.

Business Financial Information

  • Last three year-end financial statements to include a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement, signed and dated
  • Tax returns for the previous three years, signed and dated
  • Interim financial statement (balance sheet and profit and loss statement), signed and dated.
  • List of long term debt, if not included in the financial statements
  • Current aging of accounts receivable and accounts payable (must be the same date as the most recent financial statement)
  • For new companies, projected income statement and balance sheet for a minimum of two years with assumptions

Personal Financial Information (Required of every owner with 20% or more interest)

  • Personal Financial Statement, signed and dated
  • Personal tax returns for the last three years, signed and dated