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National Lender of the Year... REALLY?

Wally Murray, CEO Greater NevadaStop me if you’ve heard this news already, but Greater Nevada Credit Union was recently recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as its NATIONAL LENDER OF THE YEAR. We received that recognition from that major federal government agency by doing exemplary work in successfully providing access to much needed capital to rural companies in Nevada and throughout the nation. As a result, out of hundreds of lenders across the country that participate in the more than 50 different lending programs offered by the USDA, the credit union that you own a share of was selected as their best.

So what brought this all about? Why was GNCU selected as the first ever Nevada-based financial institution and the first ever credit union in the nation to be honored in this way? Why was our credit union selected for this recognition rather than one of the numerous major national banks or local community institutions that work with the USDA? It came down to remaining true to a principle that has long been one of our hallmarks…cooperating with others to get the job done. As a financial cooperative, we at GNCU recognize that the best way to deliver on our passion to help people have better lives is to work hard to find the common ground for all parties involved so that we can create the proverbial win-win scenario.

Our outstanding commercial lending team, spearheaded by Jeremy Gilpin, Vice President of Commercial Services, and Dean Altus, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, has done marvelous work on behalf of the business members
they represent. They creatively seek ways to help those rural based entities accomplish their business goals and realize their dreams. Sometimes that means taking a second, third or even fourth look at the proposed structure of their loan. Other times it means digging deeper into their business plans to help them find opportunities to grow revenues, control costs or better protect their interests.

Those dedicated efforts resulted in over $120 million in loan capital being delivered to rural companies by GNCU in the last fiscal year. That capital helped create nearly 2,000 jobs with more than $70 million in annual payroll. It also served to provide
rural communities with important tax dollars to support their public schools and other basic services, like police and fire departments.

Our accomplishments in the business lending arena are simply an extension of what we do at GNCU every day for the 53,000 consumers we serve, along with 5,000 homeowners who rely on Greater Nevada Mortgage for their home lending needs. So remember, whether you own your business, are just starting out in the work force, are trying to save for your children’s education or are in your retirement years, “Helping You Live Greater” is truly what we are all about at Greater Nevada. Just like those companies that have relied on us for business capital, let us know how we can do something just as meaningful to assist you.

Warmest regards and God bless,

Wally Murray

Wally Murray

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