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Easily send, request and receive money.

Popmoney with Greater Nevada

How it Works

Send Money Securely
Send money securely from your Greater Nevada account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number. The money will be transferred in as little as 1 to 3 business days, and the recipient doesn’t need a Popmoney account to receive the money. 

If the person receiving the funds is already enrolled in Popmoney the funds will automatically be deposited into the bank account they requested upon enrollment.  Otherwise, the person will be provided with information in an email or text instructing them on how to enroll and collect their funds.  Please keep in mind if the receiving person does not claim the funds in 12 days the system will automatically cancel your request.

Request Money Effortlessly
Request money from a person or a group using only their email addresses or mobile numbers. They’ll be notified to pay the request with just a few clicks, and a reminder is sent if they forget. Once the transaction is completed on their end, you’ll be notified that the money has been transferred to your Greater Nevada account.

How to Get Started

You can access Popmoney through eBranch, Greater Nevada’s online banking portal. Log in to eBranch Online Banking, click the Transfers tab, select Popmoney on the left hand side and click the Send Money tab, enter the recipient's information, transfer amount, send date, delivery speed, and from account. Click Continue once you are finished.

*The daily cut off time for all Popmoney transactions is 2:00 PM PST to ensure the  one (1) business day availability and it does exclude weekends and holidays.