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Having the (Financial) “Talk” With Your Parents

Nevada Credit Union League
Among the many things we celebrate during the month of May is Older Americans Month. In keeping with the 2017 theme of “Age Out Loud,” this is a great time to discuss how to have that financial “talk” with your parents or other elders in your family.
For many, discussing finances is not something that’s easily done. But it’s an important conversation to have. For one, financial abuse and exploitation continues to grow. It is believed that financial abuse costs senior citizens about $3 billion a year. In addition, a sudden serious health issue may lead adult children to have to make quick decisions based on little knowledge of their parents’ or grandparents’ financial, medical, or legal information.  
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7 Ways to Get Organized This May

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Can you believe that it’s already May and almost half of the year has gone by?  If you’re like me, then I bet you still haven’t achieved your New Year’s resolution of “getting organized,” but don’t worry, you’re in luck! We’ve got seven great ideas to get you organized and keep your life on track for the coming months. 
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National Credit Union Youth Month: Managing Money Wisely

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
When did you first learn about money? Many people are taught the value of a dollar at a young age, and that then shapes the way they spend money the rest of their lives. April is National Credit Union Youth Month, and across the nation credit unions are promoting the importance of teaching youth ways to earn, spend, save, and manage money wisely. These lessons are important for kids and even a good reminder for adults, since these principles often aren’t taught in school. Below is an overview of how you can instill good money habits in your kids, no matter what age.
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4 Ways to Manage the Cost of Raising a Baby

Elizabeth Renter
Kids are expensive, and estimating how much you’ll spend on your first bundle of joy is tricky. There are diapers, clothing, furniture, food and toys to think of, as well as costs that may not spring immediately to mind, like life insurance and college savings.
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Are you thinking about refinancing your mortgage?

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union

If you haven’t thought about refinancing yet, maybe it’s time to look into it. According to Mortgage Professional America (MPA), American homeowners are missing out on $5.4 billion by not refinancing as mortgage rates have dropped. There can be a lot of benefits to refinancing your mortgage, but how do you know if it’s a good idea for you? To help you make that decision, let us fill you in on the different types of refinances and the questions you should ask yourself to determine if you are ready.

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Greater Nevada Supports Student Success

Brittany Flores
Member Service Representative
Just in case you were wondering, yes! There is a place that you and your student can receive all the resources and information you’ll need to be financially fit and be up to date on how Greater Nevada Credit Union strives to support our students. All from the comfort of your own home!
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Take an Affordable Spring Break Trip in Nevada

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Sunny days? Higher temperatures? What is this? It almost feels like spring is in the air! Right about now you should be trading in the snow pants and thermals for a light jacket and dare I say,…shorts? 

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, mostly because of the weather but there are some people who enjoy having one or two weeks off (I’m looking at you Nevada students). A lot of working parents also decide to take time off and plan a trip to take advantage of family time, but what if that family trip to Disneyland just isn’t in the budget right now? If you want a more affordable spring break option, we’ve come up with our four favorite spring break destinations that are right in our own backyard.
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Do you own a financial institution? I do!

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Congratulations! If you’re a member of a credit union, like me, then you’re also an owner of your financial institution. What will you do next?
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9 Tips for Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt


Buried in credit card debt? You're not alone. According to NerdWallet, in 2015 the average U.S. household with debt had $15,762 in credit card debt at an average 18% interest rate. Annual interest alone was $2,630, or more than $50 a week.

Here are nine tips on how to climb out. Remember, though, there are no magical solutions.

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Why You Should Consider Filing Your Taxes Early

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Every year, February brings about the start of tax season. For some, the process may be quick and painless while others may spend months gathering the needed documents. Some may completely forget the fast approaching due date of April 18th (traditionally April 15th but for 2017 it is the 18th).

During tax season, procrastination can be one of your worst enemies. Waiting to file your taxes could cost you more money and have other implications down the road. Here are four reasons why you should think about filing early.
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