How to Live Greater – Motherly Advice

Kristina Kraus
Greater Nevada Credit Union
We have a passion at Greater Nevada to help more people live greater. And in honor of mother’s day, our employees shared words of advice from their mom’s—and those who were like moms—on what it means to live greater.

Elizabeth, Mortgage System Specialist

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I have found this to be the singularly most effective advice to maintain a positive team culture in the work environment. 

Kat, Member Resource Representative

My aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident 10 years ago. Every time I think of them, which is a lot, I am reminded that happiness is free, so are hugs. Life is so good we have a lot to be grateful for.

Teri, Employee Resource Specialist

My mom told me a long time ago…as a teenage suffering some angst … “You are stronger than you know.”   My mom was a very strong woman and I had great respect for her.

Jenice, Member Accounting Specialist

“Always respect what your child wants to become as they grow up, even if you aren’t 100% sure it is the right choice. You will find a total unconditional love when you have a child.” Also, “Even if you burn dinner, own it like it is the best thing in the universe… that will keep your husband guessing what is wrong with him.”

Erynne, Member Service Representative

One thing my mom always told my sister and me was that no matter what you do in life, make sure that what you’re doing makes you happy. Living happy is living greater.

Patty, Vice President Digital Solutions

My mom gave me great advice – and recipes! (chocolate mayonnaise cake is the best thing ever) – but two things stuck with me:
  1. Don’t eat yellow snow.  (Funny, but true.)
  2. Always have a full table at Thanksgiving.  By this, she meant invite others who don’t have a family or a place to go, be a gracious host and share thanks. 

Stephanie, Secondary Marketing Specialist

My mother always told me that what you think about you bring about, where your attention lies, there you are. She told me all I had to do was change my mind and then my world changed. When we have happy, loving, helpful thoughts, we generate and magnetize the same. We can change our world by changing our thoughts and thus our minds!

Kristina, Digital Marketing Specialist

My mom taught me that life is short and to not only live it to the fullest, but to do it with the ones you love by your side. The best memories we have are those we share with others.

Julie, Educational Branch Coordinator at CHS

My mother’s motto: “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

Audrey, Loan Coordinator

Every day you wake up, make waking up mean SOMETHING POSITIVE…
Always be thankful for what you have and nothing else. Never lose sight of yourself and treat life as a gift.

Linda, Vice President Information Technology

“Don’t compare yourself to others.   You are you, not them…”

At Greater Nevada, we try to Live Greater in everything we do from working as a team to serving our members and communities. And it is a big thanks to our moms and those who have cared for us growing up, that we know how to.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, guardians and friends who have been there to help us Live Greater.