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CONSIDER THIS:  According to a survey, only 42 percent of adults in this country have estate planning documents such as a will or living trust.

These documents formally address distribution of assets, and for parents, wills and trusts outline directives for the care and custody of their children. And letting the people you want to take care of your children know your wishes and communicating your intentions to the state via legally recorded documents is important.
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Back to School To-Do List

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
It’s that time of year, when parents send their children back to school. Preparing yourself and the young ones in your lives is important. Some students may be attending a new school while others may be transitioning to a new classroom, but for all students a new school year is as exciting as it is nerve-racking. To help calm the nerves and make the transition from summer to school easier, try out the following five tips.