Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Brittany Flores, Member Service Representative
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Ahhhh, remember the days when your kids had goofy gapped smiles and just wanted their two front teeth for Christmas? Well, now that they’re teens with a full set of teeth, you may have no idea what to put in their holiday stocking.
Here’s a great idea! Why not give them more financial independence and purchasing power?
That’s what my parents did for me when I was sixteen. They gift wrapped a brand new debit card along with a receipt indicating that I had a little bit of money in both my savings and checking account. I loved it, and it turned into a great learning experience as they sat me down and told me how to spend responsibly and safely. I had never before felt more grown up, though the account they gave me wasn’t nearly as cool as Student Rock Checking from Greater Nevada Credit Union.
With Greater Nevada’s “Gift of Membership”, which runs through December 2015, you can give kids any age the same experience that I was fortunate enough to have.  Greater Nevada Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works in Nevada. Just swing by your local branch to pick up a certificate granting your loved-one free membership and a share savings account at Greater Nevada Credit Union this holiday season. It’s easy, thoughtful, and costs you nothing. And if your kid is 14 or older, that membership also gives them access to other products at Greater Nevada, like the Student Rock Checking I mentioned.
Giving “The Gift of Membership” means more than just setting up a bank account. As a Greater Nevada member, your loved one will also have access to financial education resources. In fact, Greater Nevada team members provide financial education to students throughout our communities, and we even have a student run branch at Carson High School, where we recently started a financial education series that you can watch on our YouTube channel.
We understand that you only want the best for your kids, just like we want the best for our members. So consider giving the gift of membership this holiday season to help your kids learn about saving, spending and making money.