Paper vs Electronic: Managing Your Bills and Statements

Kristina Kraus
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Getting the mail, sorting it, and separating out the bills is such a chore. Recently I did something that has made that process much more manageable. By switching to electronically delivered notifications and statements, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on tracking those items. Plus, I don’t worry about my personal information getting lost or stolen in the regular mail, especially when it comes to my banking documents. 
So, if you’re still getting your banking statements and other notices the old fashioned way, you should consider switching to electronic delivery, as well.  It’s so much easier and the service is normally free. Here are some things to consider as you make the switch.


By receiving electronic bills and statements, you can protect yourself against identity theft.  You can feel safer since you’ll have less paper to shred and fewer account documents in your mailbox. “The Federal Trade Commission estimates 400,000 Americans have had their mail — and their identities — stolen.” (


Having to sort through a stack of paperwork is never fun and wastes a lot of time. With electronic delivery, you can view your statements and bills as soon as they’re available, instead of waiting for the mailman to bring them. You can also store everything online or on your computer, and easily access what you need in just a few clicks, even if you’re out of town.


Have you ever been charged a late payment fee? Most of us, at one point in our chaotic lives have missed a bill or two and the late payment fees can really add up. How can you avoid those fees in the future? When signing up for electronical statements there’s often an option to sign up for scheduled payments, and you can even use an online banking bill pay feature, like Greater Nevada’s ePay, to schedule the payments of your loans and bills, so you avoid being late.

Points and Rewards

Paying your bills with a debit or credit card versus a paper check often means you can earn rewards, like those offered through Greater Nevada’s Platinum Rewards Mastercard. So why not earn a little more for paying your bills? 

Simplify your life and start switching from paper to electronic today. If you’re a Greater Nevada member, you can start by choosing eStatements which are free for all members. Just log into eBranch and from the Accounts tab select Statements. It’s easy, fast, free and secure!