The Affordable 21st Century Wedding

Kristina Kraus
Greater Nevada Credit Union
It is no secret that weddings can be expensive, though some of these costs come from long-held traditions that we don’t necessarily need to follow in the 21st century .  So before planning something traditional yet expensive for your wedding, consider your options.

Wedding Cake

One staple is the wedding cake that comes with the per-slice cake-cutting fee plus the cost of the cake itself, and a cake alone without a cutting fee averages $500. Since it’s hard to find a cake that everyone will eat, many people are opting for a dessert bar that caters to different tastes. Just add a one or two tiered cake to cut into for pictures.

Multiple Venues

If you’re getting married in a church, ask if there’s a reception hall that could accommodate your wedding guests afterwards. If you’re not doing a church wedding then your ceremony and reception could all be in one place, and you might even be able to negotiate lower service costs when working with venue. Plus there’s the more simple logistics of not having to travel between the ceremony and reception locations.


Flowers are often used for bouquets, aisle and reception décor, and center pieces. Today it’s common to see simple baby’s breath for décor, and brides are using flowers that are in season, therefore more affordable (not to mention fresher). Candles , vases and other items are also options for table décor, as well as DIY centerpieces.

The Honeymoon

It’s becoming more common for newlyweds, who used to take their honeymoon immediately after their wedding, to wait until later when travel is more affordable and the wedding costs have been paid down.

Planner vs Coordinator

The average engagement is between 13 and 18 months , which should be plenty of time to get organized and plan your own wedding the way you want it, and then hire just a coordinator for that special day. This wedding planning checklist can give you an idea if a wedding planner is necessary.
If costs still seem overwhelming, consider taking out a personal loan at a reasonable rate and at payments you can afford. Most importantly, remember it’s YOUR wedding and YOU should choose which traditions to follow, and which new traditions you want to begin.
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