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Five Tips to Help You Land Your First Professional Job

Bennett Queen with help from Jaime Guerard
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Landing your first job out of college can be a long and anxious process. We enlisted the help of GNCU’s Recruitment Specialist, Jaime Guerard, to help make it a little easier for you. Here are five tips to help you land that job.
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Having the (Financial) “Talk” With Your Parents

Nevada Credit Union League
Among the many things we celebrate during the month of May is Older Americans Month. In keeping with the 2017 theme of “Age Out Loud,” this is a great time to discuss how to have that financial “talk” with your parents or other elders in your family.
For many, discussing finances is not something that’s easily done. But it’s an important conversation to have. For one, financial abuse and exploitation continues to grow. It is believed that financial abuse costs senior citizens about $3 billion a year. In addition, a sudden serious health issue may lead adult children to have to make quick decisions based on little knowledge of their parents’ or grandparents’ financial, medical, or legal information.  
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7 Ways to Get Organized This May

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Can you believe that it’s already May and almost half of the year has gone by?  If you’re like me, then I bet you still haven’t achieved your New Year’s resolution of “getting organized,” but don’t worry, you’re in luck! We’ve got seven great ideas to get you organized and keep your life on track for the coming months.