Are Black Friday Deals the Best?

Kristina Kraus
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Black Friday has been a notable day in U.S. history since the 1950s. For a long time you could count on the day for blockbuster deals. However, with today’s increasing retail competition and online discount outlets, Black Friday deals seem to go on the entire holiday season. So how do you get the best deal possible? The Adobe Digital Index (ADI) just published their “Holiday 2015 Predictions”, which may provide some guidance. 

Best Overall Day

Although there are some great deals on Black Friday, for the third year in a row, Thanksgiving Day actually beats out Black Friday. Whether you’re shopping online or in store, remember to shop early because out-of-stock peaks over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Best Day to Shop over Holidays

Best for Toys

Finding the “must-have” toy of the season can be tricky. Although you might see an ad in the paper that it’s going to be on sale soon, if you wait too long it could be gone. If you’re determined to get a particular toy, it’s best to shop for it the weekend before Thanksgiving so that the risk of it being out of stock isn’t as high. If it isn’t a must-have item, then you can try your luck on Cyber Monday when toys are predicted to be at the lowest prices.
Best Day to Buy Toys Over Holidays

Best for Technology

Similar to toys, electronic items are at high risk of being out of stock on big days such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So if you’re just hunting for killer deals, you can try your luck Thanksgiving Day, but if you’re looking to seriously buy, try the few days before Thanksgiving.
Best Day to Buy Electronics over the Holidays

Best for Clothes

Apparel discounts can be found throughout the entire holiday season. Thanksgiving will see an average discount close to 30% off, but the highest out-of-stock day falls on that day as well. 
Best Day to Shop for Clothes over Holidays

Best for Jewelry

Jewelry has often been a popular gift and purchased late into the holiday season. However, data shows that you can get the deepest discount and have a better chance of finding what you want in stock on Thanksgiving.
Best Day to Buy Jewelry over the Holidays
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On a final note, be sure that no matter when you shop this season, follow these steps to do it securely.

Happy holiday shopping!