Three Reasons to Welcome Fall in Northern Nevada

Bennett Queen
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Northern Nevada is a wonderful place that offers all four seasons. Sometimes that means 100+ degree weather and other times that means a blanket of snow. However in the fall that means beautiful colors and even better weather. So, why not take advantage of those perfect conditions, along with some long-awaited seasonal events and activities.

Digital Filing — How to Stay Organized and Safe

We Own Our Bank
CONSIDER THIS:  Many of us have way too many digital files to count these days—music, pictures, documents, financial files, product warranties, and even retail receipts are cluttering our inboxes and online storage systems. 

Preparing for Your Child’s College Education

Kristina Kraus
Greater Nevada Credit Union
It’s no secret that getting a college education isn’t cheap.  According to, the average annual cost for an in-state public school is $24,061, and for a private college the average is $47,831. With ever rising college costs, parents are putting aside money for college even earlier these days. Here are few tips you can use to save and supplement the costs.