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07/21/2017 | Bennett Queen

Summer Checklist: 8 Things to Try Before Summer is Over

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Summer is our favorite season. Some people like winter for the snow activities, but summer is a season filled with sunshine, family time, and trying new things. If you haven’t done much this summer you shouldn’t worry.  You still have time! 
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07/17/17 | Bennett Queen

Learn the Basics and Benefits: Personal Loans 101

Greater Nevada Credit Union
When you were a child, did you ask your parents for ten dollars because you wanted to buy something that you couldn’t afford? Did they reply, “Okay, but you’re going to have to pay me back, plus interest.” If they did, they were teaching you a valuable lesson about borrowing.
Supporting image for Help Your Teen Use Summer Job Earnings Wisely
7/6/17 | NerdWallet

Help Your Teen Use Summer Job Earnings Wisely

Teens with summer jobs might be earning their own money for the first time — but it won’t be the last. The money habits they learn now could last for decades.

Here’s how to help your teen make the most of a job and those paychecks.

Supporting Image for Best of Northern Nevada
06/29/2017 | Bennett Queen

Best of Northern Nevada

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Reno News & Review (RN&R) has just commenced its “Best of Northern Nevada” campaign to celebrate the businesses, events and places that make us proud to call northern Nevada home. At Greater Nevada Credit Union we love to support the communities we serve and in honor of the “Best of Northern Nevada 2017” awards we wanted to share a few of the events and places that make this region great.
Supporting Image for 5 Tips to a Better Home Renovation
6/19/17 | Bennett Queen

5 Tips to a Better Home Renovation

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Summertime is one of the most popular seasons for home buying, and according to the Nevada Business magazine, people remain optimistic about Nevada’s housing market. That’s good news for home owners and buyers alike, especially those looking to improve the value of their proper.
Supporting Image for 5 Post College Graduation Tips
06/02/2017 | Bennett Queen

5 Post College Graduation Tips

Greater Nevada Credit Union
College graduation is one of the most anticipated days that students will experience. However, once the idea of “adulting” and living in the real world starts to hit, many graduates get anxious about the pressure of paving their own way through life. If you’re in the “adulting” stage, here are five tips to make things a little easier.
Supporting Image for Five Tips to Help You Land Your First Professional Job
05/24/17 | Bennett Queen with help from Jaime Guerard

Five Tips to Help You Land Your First Professional Job

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Landing your first job out of college can be a long and anxious process. We enlisted the help of GNCU’s Recruitment Specialist, Jaime Guerard, to help make it a little easier for you. Here are five tips to help you land that job.
Supporting Image for Having the (Financial) “Talk” With Your Parents
5/11/17 | Nevada Credit Union League

Having the Financial Talk With Your Parents

Among the many things we celebrate during the month of May is Older Americans Month. In keeping with the 2017 theme of “Age Out Loud,” this is a great time to discuss how to have that financial “talk” with your parents or other elders in your family. For many, discussing finances is not something that’s easily done.
Supporting Image for 7 Ways to Get Organized This May
05/02/17 | Bennett Queen

7 Ways to Get Organized This May

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Can you believe that it’s already May and almost half of the year has gone by?  If you’re like me, then I bet you still haven’t achieved your New Year’s resolution of “getting organized,” but don’t worry, you’re in luck! We’ve got seven great ideas to get you organized and keep your life on track for the coming months. 
Supporting Image for Managing Money Wisely
04/20/17 | Bennett Queen

National Credit Union Youth Month: Managing Money Wisely

Greater Nevada Credit Union
April is National Credit Union Youth Month, and across the nation credit unions are promoting the importance of teaching youth ways to earn, spend, save, and manage money wisely. Below is an overview of how you can instill good money habits in your kids, no matter what age.
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