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Back to school shopping
7/17/2019 | CA NV Credit Union League

Saving on Back-to-School Shopping

CONSIDER THIS: According to a Deloitte survey, back-to-school season has become the second biggest shopping season of the year in the United States. American households were expected to spend about $27.6 billion on clothes and supplies for the new school year in 2019.
7/2/19 | Greater Nevada Financial Services

What Should You Do with Your Old 401(k)?

One of the common threads of a mobile workforce is that many individuals who leave their job are faced with a decision about what to do with their 401(k) account.¹ You have three basic choices with the 401(k) account you’ve accrued at a previous employer.
6/25/19 | Allison Williams, GNCU

Personal Loan: What It Is, How to Get It and Using It to Improve Your Finances

According to consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion, personal loans were the fastest-growing loan products with more than 27 million people using them in 2016. Though they’re growing in popularity, many of us may not be as comfortable with the “ins and outs” of a personal loan as we are with a car loan or mortgage. Learn what a personal loan is, how to apply for one and smart ways to use a personal loan to improve your finances.
Protecting Against Elder Abuse
6/5/19 | CA NV Credit Union League

Keep Alert for Elder Financial Exploitation

Consider This: The elderly are often easy targets for criminals looking to take advantage. According to research from the National Adult Protective Services Association, one in nine elder adults reported being abused, neglected, or exploited in the past year. Financial exploitation was a particularly prevalent form of elder abuse, with one in 20 older adults indicating they had been in some way financially mistreated recently.  

Summer Money Mistakes
5/29/19 | This article was developed as part of GNCU ’s partnership with EVERFI, Inc.

Summer Spending: 5 Cash-Burning Mistakes to Avoid this Season

Summer is a time for family fun and outdoor activities, but also one of increased spending. According to consumer credit reporting agency Experian, consumers surveyed spent an average of $2,275 per person on vacations in 2016, with $1,308 of that amount on credit card spending.

5/21/19 | Allison Williams, GNCU

7 Tips to Get the Perfect Car Loan

Hopping in the driver’s seat of a new (or new-to-you) car is a dream for most of us. But you may want to pump the brakes before hitting the car lot, because educating yourself on all your financing options should always be step one.
Marriage and Money
5/8/19 | CA NV Credit Union League

Money Matters for Newlyweds

Greater Nevada Credit Union
Consider This:  Perhaps your wedding is just around the corner. Or you’ve managed to survive the wedding stresses and are enjoying the honeymoon. Or you’re settling into your new home together. Wherever you are on the newlywed spectrum, you may have heard one of the most common problems in marriage is finances. It can often lead to divorce.
teenagers with money
4/11/19 | Robin Caddell, Iowa Credit Union League

Four Things to Teach Your Kids About Money Before College

The time has come to send your oldest child off to college. You’ve talked with them about safety, getting to class on time and being careful when going to parties. But, how much have you talked with them about being responsible with their money?
Online Education
4/3/19 | Everfi, A Financial Education Partner of GNCU

The Multidimensional Benefits of Financial Education: For Individuals, Communities, and the Mobile Future

In today’s world, the ability to manage money has never been more critical. All the while, financial knowledge among the general public has not kept pace with the need for financial capability. In a 2017 study, only 48 percent of all Americans were able to answer at least half of a set of financial literacy questions correctly. The young adult demographic performed even worse, with less than a quarter of millennials, in another study, able to answer basic financial wellness questions.
RVs and Motorhomes
3/25/19 | Greater Nevada Credit Union

What to Consider Before Buying an RV or Trailer

It’s no secret that we live in one of the best states to enjoy the outdoors. Between Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, Black Rock Desert and more, the things you can do and see in Nevada are endless. We can also hop behind the wheel and head to Yosemite National Park, Utah’s Arches National Park and the coasts of Washington and Oregon.
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