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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order checks online? What types of check styles do you offer?

After your initial order of checks, you can reorder your checks online or at any branch office. If you need to change the style, name, address or mailing address of your last check order, please reorder through your nearest branch location. 

How much will my checks cost?

The cost of checks varies depending on the style or amount ordered. For updated prices, stop by or call Greater Nevada at (775) 882-2060.

How long will it take to receive my checks?

It usually takes between seven to ten business days to receive personal checks. Rush delivery methods are available for a nominal fee.

What is the easiest way to transfer my checking from another financial institution to Greater Nevada Credit Union?

Click here to follow these three easy steps to move your checking account to Greater Nevada. 

What happens if I bounce a check? 

We understand that unforeseen expenses can occur when you might not have enough money in your account to pay for them. That's why Greater Nevada covers overdrafts for checks written on your account and your everyday debit card and ATM transactions through our service called Overdraft Advantage. Unfortunately, due to government regulations we are not able to authorize overdrafts for your everyday debit card and ATM transactions unless you opt in for Greater Nevada Credit Union Overdraft Privilege. 

How much does it cost to stop payment on a check? 

The fee to stop payment on a check is $30. You may place a stop payment on a check through eBranch online banking, or by speaking with a Member Service Representative. A stop payment request made by telephone will expire in 14 days unless confirmed in writing within this same time period. A written stop payment request is valid for six months or 14 calendar days for a verbal request. A stop payment does not renew automatically. To renew a stop payment request, you must submit a new request in writing before the six-month expiration date.

Who do I call if my checks are stolen?

If you discover your checks have been lost or stolen, please call our Member Service Center at (775) 882-2060 or (800) 421-6674.