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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ITM?

ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. ITMs are similar to an ATM with the added benefit of enabling members to have face-to-face interaction with a Video Member Service Representative (VMSR). The transactions are conducted in real time via video conferencing.

How do I begin my transaction at an ITM?

To begin your transaction, simply touch the screen to speak with a VMSR. Once connected, the VMSR will control the machine and perform the transaction for you. You don’t even need to  have your debit card present, as long as you have your driver’s license handy.

What transactions can I perform at an ITM?

Almost any transaction that can be completed in-branch can be completed at an ITM, such as:

  • Perform account withdrawals without your debit card
  • Make cash or check deposits and receive exact change
  • Get answers to general inquiries via a live Video Member Service Representative
  • Transfer funds between accounts or other institutions
  • Conduct loan payments and more!

Note: ITMs cannot accept coins.

Can transactions on an ITM be done privately?

Yes. Our members’ privacy is a top priority and conversations can be kept completely confidential.

  • In branch ITM handsets: Conversations can be conducted through a handset or typed on a keyboard.
  • Drive through earbuds: You can bring your own earbuds to communicate with the VMSR just like on your tablet or phone.
  • For additional security: VMSRs can blank the screen for you at any time.

What are the hours you can speak with a VMSR at an ITM?

  • Monday - Friday: 7AM-7PM
  • Saturdays 9AM - 5PM

ITMs located outside the branches can be accessed 24/7 with traditional ATM capabilities.

Where are Greater Nevada’s ITMs located?

Eagle Station Branch: 481 Eagle Station Lane Carson City, NV 89701
  • One ITM located inside the branch
  • Multiple drive thru ITMs
Our University branch located across campus from the University Nevada, Reno at 1385 North Virginia St features ITM technology
Spanish Springs Branch: 1101 Los Altos Pkway, Sparks
  • One ITM located inside the branch
  • One drive thru ITM
More ITM locations are planned, so watch for updates!

Can I perform a regular ATM transaction and not speak with a Video Member Service Representative (VMSR)?

You may use any ITM as an ATM if you want to conduct a quick transaction without speaking with a VMSR.  Simply insert your debit card and the machine will work just like a traditional ATM, including check deposits without using envelopes. ATM transactions are available 24/7.