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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Greater Nevada offer online and mobile banking?

Yes! Greater Nevada members can access their accounts online and via their mobile device through eBranch online banking.

How do I sign up for eBranch online and mobile banking?

You need a username (sign on ID) and password, which you can obtain by speaking with a Great Nevada representative or by enrolling online at eBranch. Once you are enrolled in eBranch, you can download the mobile banking app.

Are there any charges to use eBranch or mobile banking?

Greater Nevada does not charge members for accessing eBranch online or mobile banking. However, any fees your internet or cell phone service provider normally charges still apply. It's also important to remember that there could be charges associated with some of the transactions you conduct in eBranch.

How do I login to eBranch and online banking?

Once you have a username (sign on ID) and password, simply visit eBranch to log in on your PC or tablet. Or use your downloaded mobile phone app to log in on the go.

What if my password isn't working?

For security purposes, your password may not work if you have six or more invalid attempts. Please contact Greater Nevada or select the forgotten password link in eBranch to reset your password, which you'll see after entering your log in ID.

Can I change my password or sign on ID?

There are a variety of ways that members can request an online password reset. From the login screen, you can use the “forgot your password” link. You can also call member service to request a password reset. Once logged into eBranch, you can  update your password by selecting “My Profile” in the top right of the screen. Watch our video tutorial to see how to do this in eBranch. Note: You cannot change your username (sign on ID).

Can I change my address and personal information online?

Yes, you may do this once logged into eBranch.

Can I use ePay online bill pay in eBranch?

Yes. eBranch ePay offers a variety of online bill pay options. To learn how to set up and use ePay, as well as PopMoney for person to person payments, click here.

What accounts may I use for ePay?

You may use your checking account(s) for ePaythe online bill pay feature in eBranch.

Are there any restrictions to using ePay?

You can use ePay for transactions under $9,999.99 that are either one time or recurring. ePay cannot be used to transmit tax payments or payments outside of the United States, or for alimony, child support, or other court ordered payments.

Is eBranch secure?

Yes, Greater Nevada uses the highest levels of online security to safeguard your information. Find out more information on How We Protect You and ways to Protect Yourself Against Fraud.

How do I sign up for eBranch mobile banking?

To access your accounts with the Greater Nevada mobile banking app, you must first create a sign on ID with our online banking portal, eBranch. Once your account is created you can download the Android or Apple app with your smartphone. Simply sign into the app with your eBranch login information.

Can I use my Greater Nevada account with Apple Pay?

Yes! Your Greater Nevada debit card works with Apple Pay. To learn about what devices you can use, how to set up Apple Pay on your phone, how to use Apple Pay in stores and online, and more click here. Or you can contact us to speak with a Member Service Representative.