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COVID-19 vaccine update for careers with Greater Nevada.

Greater Nevada is dedicated to creating a safe work environment. Since COVID-19 entered our world, we have doubled down on this commitment for one another, our members, and our communities.  Most recently, many Greater Nevadans have completed or are in the process of completing a vaccination regimen.

Recent FDA approval on the Pfizer vaccine provides more confidence in our ability to obtain the upper hand in this ongoing battle with COVID. To ensure that Greater Nevada continues to make meaningful strides towards a healthier environment, we will continue to offer incentives and a hiring requirement for new Greater Nevadans and those seeking to transfer positions.

Beginning September 1, 2021, Greater Nevada will require that all candidates, new hires, and any employee seeking internal movement (transfers/promotions/laterals) be fully vaccinated to be employed. Candidates are not eligible for hire if they are 1) not fully vaccinated prior to the start date; 2) unwilling to be vaccinated; 3) not subject to an approved exemption.

While this decision has not been reached easily, we do take the COVID environment seriously.  This decision is in the best interests of our Greater Nevadans, Members, and the communities we serve.

Before we get into the specifics, let's focus on the bigger picture of Greater Nevada, and what makes a Greater Nevadan.

At Greater Nevada, our passion is Helping More People Live Greater. When we say "people," we mean every single person we interact with, from our team members to our community members.
Basically, we CARE about our Core Values:
  • We Care Genuinely.
  • We build relationships, because we know that we’re Greater together.
  • We Stay Trustworthy as we serve our communities.
  • "Be Bright" rings in our ears as we find custom solutions that meet our members' needs.
  • We Inspire One Another, our members, and our communities to re-imagine what Living Greater can be.
  • In every moment, we Enjoy the Experience. It's what has made the last 70 years Greater and what we carry into the future as we continue to serve our communities.

These values have guided us to become the largest Nevada-based credit union to touch the lives of more than 80,000 members and thousands upon thousands of people throughout our communities through our philanthropic and volunteer work.

To live by those values, we make a deal with every single one of our team members—the CARE Deal. It's a win-win, handshake agreement upon embarking on our journey together.

To hold up our end of the deal, we make four promises to you:

C ompensation & Benefits

We offer Greater Pay and Greater Benefits, including:
  • Competitive compensation and incentive pay
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans, where we cover 90% of employee costs and about 75% of the costs for their dependents
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions
  • Supplemental insurance and life insurance plans
  • 401(k) match
  • Paid time off, including vacation and sick time, 11 annual paid holidays, eight hours of personal leave, and sabbatical leave after seven years of employment




  • Paid time to volunteer and make a contribution to the community
  • Special access to Greater Nevada Field and University of Nevada athletic events
  • Employee appreciation events throughout the year
  • Local Discounts for parks, events, and services
  • Employee product and service discounts

A dvancement

We strive to be an environment where you can grow into your career, without having to leave the Greater Nevada family. So, we offer extensive training and development opportunities for each employee. Our continuous coaching culture allows for more direct and regular performance feedback, as well as compensation reviews.

R ecognition

We invest time, energy, and resources to find creative, memorable, and fun ways to deliver employee recognition that celebrates each Greater Nevadan's successes.

E nvironment

Nobody wants to come to work at a place that's dull and filled with drudgery all day long. Part of our side of the deal is ensuring you have a great place to work and great people to work with.

Our CARE deal goes both ways. Here's how we expect each team member to demonstrate they care:

Greater Nevadans know how to do their job and do it well. When they’re unsure, they know how to access the resources available to help them accomplish great things.

We don't expect team members to plaster a fake smile on their faces every day. What we do expect is for them to bring their best attitude to work and strive for greatness.

We put a lot of emphasis on building strong relationships with members, clients, coworkers, and the communities that we serve. Why? Because those connections enable us to live our passion of Helping More People Live Greater, and we know we can only do it together.

We ask each Greater Nevadan to be productive, efficient, and successful at the work they do.


Explore career opportunities at the Greater Nevada family of companies.

Greater Nevada is more than a credit union. We also offer mortgage and commercial lending services at our wholly owned Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs). Greater Nevada Mortgage (GNM) provides local, customized mortgage origination and servicing. Greater Commercial Lending (GCL) focuses on helping entire communities Live Greater by facilitating access to capital to growing economies. Take a look at each, and let us know which position fits your career goals best.


It’s a Greater place to work. But don’t take our word for it.