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Greater financial know-how can lead to Greater opportunities for your family, friends, and (of course) you! Browse through our various financial & lifestyle tips to help you thrive.

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Savings & Checking

Creating A CD Ladder

CD Ladders help you take advantage of the higher yields of Share Certificates while giving you regular access to cash as you reinvest money.
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Financial Education

Financial Literacy Month

Here are five quick and easy tips to help you up your financial skills for Financial Literacy Month to make the most of your money.
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7 Places GNCU Employees Volunteer, You Should Too

At Greater Nevada Credit Union, we believe in helping others to Live Greater by volunteering in Northern Nevada. Check out seven organizations we’re involved with.
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Financial Education

Financial Education: Get Smart About Your Money

April is Financial Literacy Month! It’s never too early or late to learn to manage your money effectively. Our financial education resources can help.
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Manage Money and Have Fun

If you’re learning to manage money through personal budgeting, include some fun. How to enjoy your life while meeting your financial goals.
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Paying Down Debt

Paying down debt is a type of savings! See these quick tips for paying off your debt, consolidating your loans and freeing up some money.
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Loans & Credit

Credit Utilization Ratio

How much credit you have access to verse how much you use impacts your credit score a lot. Learn about Credit Utilization Ration.
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Online Banking Tools & Tips

Online banking tools make managing your finances and achieving your goals easier. Here are five ways to make the most of these online tools.
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