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Fraud Prevention & Security

As advancements in technology rise, so does the potential for fraud. Greater Nevada Credit Union constantly monitors for unusual and suspicious activity on behalf of our members, but understanding how you can proactively identify fraud and how to appropriately escalate questionable activity is important, too.

Educate yourself on how to dispute suspicious account activity and report a lost or stolen card. Plus, discover how GNCU protects your accounts, find fraud prevention tips, and more.

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Dispute Account Activity

Learn how you can dispute a transaction, or several, if you suspect a fraudulent purchase on your GNCU card or account.

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Report Lost or Stolen Card

Report a lost or stolen GNCU debit card or credit card immediately by calling the appropriate number listed.

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Report Suspicious Communications

Help us fight scammers by reporting suspicious communications you receive. By keeping us informed, we can better protect your and other members’ information and money from new fraud tactics. Learn how you can let us know about these suspicious communications.

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How GNCU Protects its Members

Through various technologies and vendor partnerships, GNCU takes many steps to protect our members’ information.

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How to Protect Your Identity

Understanding how you can proactively protect your identity and how to spot potential fraud is very important.

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Identity & Fraud Protection Resources

The following is a collection of third party website resources that can provide you with current news on fraudulent scams, fraud prevention tips, ways to report suspicious activity and more.