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GNCU Cards App

Safe, secure, and seamless; know exactly what’s going on with your GNCU Visa debit card at all times with the GNCU Cards app. You’ll enjoy peace of mind to spend with confidence because you have complete control over your debit card from the convenience of your Apple or Android mobile device.

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GNCU Cards App Features

If you haven’t been the victim of fraud, you likely know someone who has. Fortunately, there are more and more ways to protect yourself. Having the power to turn your debit card off with the touch of a button, and the ability to set up custom alerts, can prevent fraud while helping you keep a closer eye on your personal finances. The GNCU Cards app is powered by Visa, and offers both personal and business members convenience, control, and financial confidence over their checking account’s debit card.

Debit Card Controls

Staying in control of your debit card has never been easier—or more important. With the GNCU Cards app, you can:

  • Activate your new card: Once you receive a new card in the mail, then you can choose to activate it through your app.
  • Update your card’s PIN or other information: If you know your current PIN, you can easily change it at any time in the app. You can also update other personal information such as your billing address, your debit card’s nickname, and more.
  • Turn your card off or on: If you misplace or lose your card, you can switch it off with the tap of a finger. Then when you find it, easily switch it back on, right from your app.
  • Set transaction limits: A helpful tool to keep your spending in check and prevent fraud, transaction limits allow you to establish a maximum purchase amount, and any attempted transaction over that limit will be declined and you will receive a notification.
  • Transaction restrictions: Another way to guard your card against fraud, transaction restrictions enable you to prevent certain types of transactions, such as online purchases, international purchases, or ATM transactions.
  • Link card to a mobile wallet: Never worry about leaving your debit card at home again. Use the app to easily link your card to a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Visa Click to Pay, and more right from the app. Click the button below to learn more about all of the digital and mobile wallets available for your GNCU Visa debit card.

Digital & Mobile Wallets

Real-Time Alerts

These notifications from the GNCU Cards app help you stay on top of your card’s activity by alerting you instantly whenever your card is used for a purchase or transaction. You can choose to be notified by text, email, or push notification.

  • Set transaction amount notifications: Receive notifications whenever a purchase is made that exceeds your chosen limit. For example, we recommend setting the limit to $1 to be notified for basically every transaction.
  • Be notified when your card is denied: Receive notifications whenever your card is denied for a transaction.
  • Use card-not-present alerts: Receive notifications whenever your card is being used for non-physical transactions, such as online, phone, or mail order purchases.
  • Track international spending: Receive notifications whenever your card is used to make a purchase internationally.
  • Receive gas station alerts: Receive notifications whenever your card is used to make a purchase at a gas station.
  • Stay on top of withdrawals: Receive notifications whenever your debit card is used to make a withdrawal at an ATM.

Travel Notices

Easily manage your travel plans within the GNCU Cards app by following these simple steps:

  1. In the app, tap the Travel Notices button.
  2. Tap the plus (+) sign to add a destination. If you will be making multiple stops, you’ll want to click “add another destination” and include any places you’ll be traveling, including layovers. Only the state and country are needed.
  3. Update departure and return dates.
  4. Save information.
  5. To make an edit, tap the travel details option and use the pencil icon in the upper right corner to edit.
  6. To delete a trip, simply tap the travel details option, scroll down and tap “delete trip.”
  7. If you plan to use more than one card while traveling, you’ll need to add each card individually to ensure all the cards work while you’re away.

Other Helpful Features

Within the GNCU Cards app, you can also:

  • Links to Greater Nevada: You’ll find a link to our Digital Banking page if you need quick access to search for information on banking digitally with GNCU. You can also link to our Greater Nevada Mobile app to review your accounts, transfer money, and much more.
  • Find a branch or ATM nearby: Locate the nearest GNCU branch, CO-OP Shared Branch, or fee-free ATM.


You can browse through our various frequently asked questions (FAQs), and if you can’t find an answer, then you can contact our Member Resource Center online by submitting a question through that feature. You can also call us at (775) 882-2060 or (800) 421-6674, or you can stop by one of our branches and we’ll be happy to help you out (appointments are available).