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Personal Loans

Funds for Life’s Important Moments

From home improvements to debt consolidation and even family vacations, personal loans from Greater Nevada Credit Union are there for when you need some monetary support.

Flexible Funding When You Need It

Having choices in life is a great thing, and personal loans are one of several different loan options available through Greater Nevada–and one of the most flexible.

Unlike most other loans, personal loans may be used on just about anything. From birthday parties to critical medical treatments, personal loans can help fund life’s most important needs.

Personal loans are closed-end unsecured loans (meaning no collateral is required) with fixed interest rates. That means you’ll repay the same amount every month throughout the loan term. Interest rates are based on your credit score and other personal financial details, and the amount you can borrow starts at $1,000.

Benefits of a Personal Loan

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Flexible Loan Amounts

Borrow amounts starting from $1,000 to fund the projects and expenses that matter most.

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Competitive Rates & Terms

Our personal loan rates are competitively set in comparison to other financial institutions, and we offer flexible terms up to 60 months to help keep your payments affordable.

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Simple Application Process

Easily apply for your personal loan (and many others) online and enjoy the convenience of a local decision making process.

Personal Loan Uses

There aren’t many loan options that can be used for anything. Personal loans are the exception.

From unexpected expenses to long-planned home improvements, here are some of the most common ways borrowers use their funds.

Multiple sources of debt can be stressful to manage, especially those with variable interest rates. Using a personal loan as a form of debt consolidation can help simplify your approach to repayment (and provide much-needed peace of mind).


You can’t expect the unexpected, but you can navigate it a little more easily with a personal loan. Use yours on sudden expenses like emergency medical treatments, car repairs, and home maintenance projects if your emergency funds run low.

A kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, or new roof can greatly raise the value of your home. They might be investments worth making with your personal loan funds, especially if you’re considering selling soon.

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Fly solo or bring the whole family along–personal loan funds can be used for travel expenses like airfare, lodging, endless buffets, and of course, souvenirs of the trip.

From weddings and quinceañeras to bat mitzvahs and birthdays, there are endless special occasions that could use the funds from a personal loan.

Easily Apply Online or by Phone

Getting started with your personal loan application has never been simpler. Apply online or over the phone, and our local lending team will work with you to find the right option to meet your personalized needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Personal Loans

Build your personal loan knowledge and learn what to expect when you apply. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about personal loans (and our answers to each).

How much is a personal loan per month?

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The short answer: it depends!

The long answer: there are many factors that influence your monthly payment. How much you borrow and your interest rate (and by extension your credit score) are the primary ones. You can use our personal loan calculator tool to get a feel for what your repayment schedule might look like if you are approved for a loan.

What do banks look at on personal loan applications?

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Because personal loans are unsecured loans (meaning they aren’t secured by assets like a mortgage is with a home or an auto loan is with a car), most lenders will want to see proof that applicants use good financial sense and have a history of smart money management. Good credit history, steady employment, and a strong debt-to-income ratio can all be signs that an applicant is a good candidate for a personal loan.

What do I need to get a personal loan?

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As you prepare to apply for a personal loan, it’s a good idea to gather important information beforehand. Documents lenders ask to see include personal identification and social security number, proof of income/employment (tax statements, bank statements) and credit score/history. Learn more about personal loan requirements.

Why would a bank reject a personal loan?

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There are many reasons for rejected personal loan applications. Some of the most common involve applicants’ credit scores, employment histories, and debt-to-income ratio. Less common reasons may be missing documentation, such as proof of income or identity.

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Apply for a Personal Loan

It’s easy to start your application for a personal loan online or over the phone.

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