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GNCU & You

Welcome to better banking. When you join Greater Nevada Nevada Credit Union, you become part of something more that benefits both you and communities across Nevada.

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Say (GN)CU Later to Traditional Banks

Becoming a member of GNCU is more than getting your name printed on a piece of plastic. Here, you’re no longer a cog in the wheel of big banking. You’re part of something more. Something Greater. You may own a coffee shop in Elko or an antiques shop in Reno. You might be considering a HELOC in Minden or looking for a reliable vehicle in Las Vegas.

Whether it’s banking needs for your business or your family, here’s what you can expect when you join more than 88,100 others as a member of GNCU:

Being a member of a credit union is kind of like banding together with your friends to be your own bank. (Sounds nice, right?) When you become a member of GNCU, you’re an owner as well, which means that you get all the benefits of lower fees, higher savings rates, and attractive loan rates that come from you and your friends (your fellow members) working together. And rather than paying off shareholders, we reinvest profits back into our membership and communities. This helps us keep our focus where it should be—on people over profit. Sounds like a win-win to us.

At GNCU, members are considered more than a transaction. And rather than relying on algorithms to determine if a member is qualified for a loan, for example, we take a holistic view of our membership, considering factors such as account activity and length of membership. We are a democratic cooperative, so every member has a vote. You help elect the Board of Directors (oh, and they’re members too—just like you). That means you have a say in what happens.

GNCU is made up of members who care about the future of their communities. We are invested in making a long-term positive impact by bringing vital services to rural communities and helping small businesses weather hard times. From spearheading food drives and funding underserved businesses to finding housing for homeless youth and sponsoring state-of-the art energy programs in rural America, we live, breathe and work locally to help real people live tangibly better lives. Feels good, right?

GNCU offers the empowering financial guidance every Nevadan needs to get where they want to go (whether that’s a plot of land in Reno or a mountain biking trail in Tahoe.) It’s your life. No matter the challenges, we just want to help you live it Greater, together.

Real Members, Real Impact

We are a community of people who are committed to helping each other. Our Live Greater Stories series highlights the passions, lives, and businesses of our members, and the ways in which we helped them meet their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Live Greater Stories

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Credit Unions vs. Banks

Though they offer many similar services, the main difference between credit unions and banks is profit. Banks are for-profit institutions; credit unions are not-for-profits. While banks answer to shareholders and are publicly traded (and sometimes privately owned), credit unions use their funds to invest in services and initiatives that benefit their member-owners. Joining a credit union means joining a community of your neighbors–a community that supports you in return.

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How Much Can You Save & Earn

Greater Nevada Credit Union is proud to offer our members lower fees, higher savings rates, and attractive loan rates. See what that means compared to Nevada averages on certain account and loan options.

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CDFI Certification

The US Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) has certified Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

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Community Support

Our passion for Helping More People Live Greater goes beyond the financial services and products that we offer. We also take pride in supporting our local communities and organizations throughout the year.

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Exclusive Benefits at Greater Nevada Field

As the title sponsor of Greater Nevada Field, Greater Nevada Credit Union members get access to exclusive discounts and events at the beautiful home of the Reno Aces Baseball Club in downtown Reno, NV.

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Special Offers

Greater Nevada Credit Union members have access to special offers year-round! From discounts to events at Greater Nevada Field, vacation package specials, and savings on filing your annual tax return, there are so many ways to save and get member-only exclusives.

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Financial Resources

From saving and investing to borrowing and planning, banking with Greater Nevada Credit Union is easy and rewarding. Learn more about money and work toward your goals with these handy financial resources.

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If you share our passion to help more people Live Greater, then we’d like to talk! Becoming a Greater Nevadan is more than just employment—it’s your first step to a Greater career. Take a minute to get to know us, then search our open career opportunities.

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Stay up to date on the latest news, alerts and community activities for Greater Nevada Credit Union.

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Board of Directors

Greater Nevada Credit Union’s Board of Directors set the strategic course for our credit union and oversees its general activities. Directors serve as volunteers. They receive no compensation, though we invest in their training and involvement in the credit union industry.

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Executive Leadership

Greater Nevada Credit Union’s Executive Leadership team is comprised of several talented individuals with decades of experience in the financial industry. Each leader brings unique skill sets and knowledge to our organization, and they work hard to foster a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and trust with our members and communities.

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Annual Report

View the latest Annual Report for Greater Nevada Credit Union here.

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Ready to Live Greater?

It’s Easy to Join

Membership is open to anyone living or working in any of Nevada’s 17 counties, and members of their immediate family. Starting your membership requires a one-time $5 membership fee and opening a Share Savings account with a minimum $5 deposit. You can remain a member for life, as long as your accounts remain in good standing.