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Your Key to Car Ownership

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road–especially in a state as beautiful as ours, and especially when you choose one of Greater Nevada’s auto loans offering competitive rates as low as 5.65% APR1 and flexible terms.

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Not sure which loan is right for you? Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your budget with our handy comparison chart.

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So many cars, so little time. Learn what’s available at dealerships near you and get the details on different makes and models, plus easily apply online after you’ve found the one you want, through our free online tool.

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Car Loan Calculator

Find out what kind of vehicle you can afford (and plan accordingly) with our simple loan calculator. Just input your information and it handles the rest.

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Apply with confidence knowing Greater Nevada offers some of the best interest rates for new cars, used cars, and auto refinances in Nevada.

Compare Car Loans

What drives you? At Greater Nevada, we offer different types of car loans for all kinds of drivers: first-timers, veterans, and those looking for a change of pace (or in this case, speed). Read on to learn about your auto financing options, or contact us to get details from a local lending expert.

Auto Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thinking of applying for an auto loan? Put the pedal to the metal on the application process by understanding the basics first. We’ve covered the most common questions below.

Is it better to get a loan through a credit union?

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If you’re thinking of getting a car loan from a credit union, they certainly offer some advantages over traditional banks. Greater Nevada Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means our members enjoy perks like fewer fees and better interest rates, as well as access to specialized loan options designed to support financial wellness (like our Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan and First-Time Car Buyer Loan options).

What are your auto loan eligibility requirements?

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Different car loans come with different car loan requirements. Requirements might focus on your credit score, repayment status, and other personal financial information. Check above for requirements by loan, or contact us for more in-depth explanations.

How long does it take to get approved for an auto loan?

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Approval for an auto loan can range from a few days to a few weeks. Applying to get pre-approved first can help expedite the process, and so is having required information and documents ready for your new purchase. Learn more and apply online quickly and easily here.

What type of information do you collect when I apply for an auto loan?

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When you prepare an application for an auto loan, we’ll ask for a few important pieces of information, including but not limited to your personal identification, credit history, the amount you need to borrow, and any collateral you’re putting up for your purchase.

What is a good loan rate for a car?

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The short answer: it depends. The long answer: Vehicle loan interest rates and corresponding annual percentage rates (APRs) are subject to change at any time. Rates also vary by new and used cars. The good news is that at Greater Nevada, we’re committed to offering the best rates possible on all the loans we offer–not just for vehicles, either. Check our current rates here.

Is an auto loan a good idea?

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The right auto loan can be your key to independence–both financially and travel-wise. We offer a variety of loans designed to help many different people Live Greater by rebuilding credit, lowering interest rates, or keeping monthly payments affordable. Plus, when you apply for a loan and become a member, you’ll get access to other great financial products and services–including some that may only be available at a credit union like ours.

Car Loan Application Process

Applying for an auto loan is simple and straightforward at Greater Nevada. Do it online or by phone with a local lending expert. Just remember: every loan has different rates. Auto loan rates are based on the amount you’re borrowing and the length of the loan payment period.


1. Determine Your Needs

What kind of vehicle are you shopping for? New or used? Make and model? Knowing how much money you need to purchase your car of choice will help point you in the right direction.


2. Compare Loan Types

At Greater Nevada, we offer a few different auto loans to help put borrowers on the road to financial success. Compare the details here or contact us for more in-depth information.


3. Gather Documents Needed

You’ll need a few important documents for your application. To prepare, gather things like personal identification, your credit history, and forms of collateral, to name a few.


4. Apply for a Car Loan

Putting your application together is simple. Apply online or over the phone through our lending hotline We’ll call attention to important things like minimum loan amount, repayment terms, and other important details.

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Learn more about all things auto loans (and how we can make your life easier with lower payments, better credit, and other perks).

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1APR (Annual Percentage Rate) effective April 29, 2024. Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice and vary based on creditworthiness and other factors. Rate shown assumes excellent borrower credit history financing a new or used auto loan less than two years old, and includes a 0.25% rate discount for Loan to Value below 90% available for well-qualified borrowers. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate. Payment example: A new auto loan of $20,000 financed at 5.65% APR for 60 months equals a payment of $383.41 per month.