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Financial Calculators

Tools for Financial Wellness

Living Greater is easier when you have the right tools. Use the financial calculators below to learn more about your money–and if you have more questions, we encourage you to seek personal advice from our team online or at any of our conveniently located branches.

Banking & Account Calculators

Banking with Greater Nevada Credit Union means you gain exclusive access to a wealth of financial wellness resources. Along with our loan calculators, we have several other free tools to help you manage your money more effectively.

Loan & Mortgage Calculators

Applying for a car loan, personal loan, mortgage? It’s a good idea to learn what you’ll owe and what your monthly loan payment will look like first. With the calculators below, you can input the total loan amount, term, and interest rate to get an example of what repayment may look like for you.

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Additional Resources

There’s more to love about Greater Nevada Credit Union. We offer a wide-array of financial resources so you can plan for a Greater future, whether you’re interested in saving more, buying a home, purchasing a car, or simply managing your money more strategically. Check below for more details, or contact us directly for personalized advice from qualified professionals.

Financial Calculators Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you calculate monthly payments on a loan?

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The simplest way to calculate monthly payments is by using our simple loan calculator, which will take into account everything needed to provide you a detailed loan payoff schedule.

How do credit unions calculate interest on loans?

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Depending on the type of loan you’re seeking, different credit unions will offer different interest rates. Many different factors go into deciding interest rates on loans at Greater Nevada Credit Union, but as a not-for-profit, they are set to be competitive and as friendly as possible to our members to help more people Live Greater.

What are current loan interest rates in Nevada?

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Interest rates for different loans change regularly. For the most up-to-date information about interest rates for personal loans, car loans and more in Nevada, we recommend checking our official Loan Rates page. For home loans, check the latest mortgage rates at Greater Nevada Mortgage, GNCU’s expert home lending subsidiary.

How much can I earn with a Share Certificate?

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It varies. But generally speaking, the longer your term and the more money you deposit, the more you’ll earn. At Greater Nevada, we offer Share Certificate terms ranging from three months to five years. Check our official Account Rates page for our most current rates on CDs and other deposit accounts.

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All calculators are intended solely for general information and educational purposes. Greater Nevada Credit Union does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculations. All calculators are not intended in any way as financial, insurance, tax or legal information regarding your financial situation.