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A free app that makes it easy to manage your GNCU Visa debit card on the go.

Benefits of the GNCU Cards App 

With the GNCU Cards app, managing your Greater Nevada Visa debit card is fast, simple and secure from the convenience of your mobile device. 
  • NEW! Update your card's PIN number (current PIN number is required)
  • NEW! Link your card to Apple Wallet and Samsung Pay from inside the app (Apple and Samsung devices only)
  • Set up transaction alerts via email, text or push notifications
  • Set dollar limits or block certain purchase types
  • Set up, edit and delete travel notices for your debit card for a seamless experience while traveling
  • Use the Location Match feature for making purchases easier and more secure
  • Locate a Greater Nevada branch or ATM near you

Get started with just a few quick steps

  1. Download the GNCU Cards app from your device’s app store.
  2. Open and enroll in the app.
  3. Enter your Greater Nevada Credit Union Visa debit card information.
  4. Verify enrollment, and you’re all set.
Click here for external link to the AppStore  Click here for the external link to the Google play store

For questions and assistance, please contact Visa at (855) 219-8058.

Learn more about the GNCU Visa debit card.
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Convenience, Control and Financial Confidence in the Palm of Your Hands

If you haven’t been the victim of fraud, you likely know someone who has. Fortunately, there are more and more ways to protect yourself. Having the power to turn your debit card off with the touch of a button and set up custom alerts can prevent fraud while helping you keep a closer eye on your personal finances. The new “GNCU Cards” app lets you do just that.

Surveys show one in five people have been the victim of card fraud and more than 50 percent of people believe staying on top of their finances is a challenge. Our new debit card app is focused on both fraud protection and personal money management.

Along with our eBranch app, the “GNCU Cards” app powered by Visa is focused on convenience, control and financial confidence for all of our members. The app is a debit card manager right in your pocket – letting you:
  • Turn your card on and off.
  • Customize six different alerts including: card not present, international, and gas station transactions.
  • Easily find the GNCU or CO-OP branch closest to you, and more.

Debit Card Controls

Within the “card controls” section of the app, you’ll be able to turn your GNCU debit card on and off; set transaction limits and restrict specific transaction types.

  • On/off feature: This feature allows you to turn your cards on and off. For example, if you misplace your card, you can turn it off and suspend it with the click of a button. Then, if you find it a day later, you can turn it back on and resume regular use.
  • Transaction limits: This part of the card app also lets you set transaction limits based on the amount you choose. For example, if you set your transaction limit at $150, purchases over that amount will be declined and you will be notified. This type of card control helps you keep a closer eye on your personal spending and prevents possible fraud.
  • Transaction restrictions: You can also restrict online, international and ATM transactions here.

Card Transaction Alerts

As a member, you can choose from seven transaction alerts to meet your individual needs. Within the debit card app, you can decide which alerts to turn on and if you want to be notified by email, text or push notification.

  • Transaction amount: Similar to transaction restrictions, members can receive alerts whenever a purchase is made over a set amount.
  • Card not present: This card alert limits transactions when the card number is used but the card is not swiped such as online, telephone and mail order purchases.
  • International: Notified whenever the card is used internationally.
  • Declined: Notified whenever the card is declined.
  • Gas station: Notified whenever the card is used for a gas station purchase.
  • ATM withdrawal: If activated in your debit card app, you will be notified whenever an ATM withdrawal is made with your card.
  • Generic Credit Alert: To be notified of a purchase return or reimbursement. 

Link Your Card

NEW! Apple and Samsung users, you can easily link your debit card from inside the app to Apple Wallet or Samsung Pay. This will seamlessly add your card for mobile payment purchases using your device at businesses that allow for the payment functionality. 

Travel Notices

Enjoy a seamless experience while travelling. Follow these step-by-step app instructions to get started:

  1. Click on the Travel Notices button.
  2.  Hit the plus sign to add a destination. Note: If you are making multiple stops, you will want to click “add another destination” and include any places you are traveling – including layovers. Only the state and country are needed – the exact city isn’t necessary.
  3. Update departure and return dates.
  4. Save information.
  5. To make an edit, click the travel details open and use the pencil icon in the upper right corner to edit.
  6. To delete a trip, simply click the travel details open and scroll down to click “delete trip.”

If you plan to use more than one card while traveling, you'll need to add each card individually to ensure all the cards work while traveling.

Location Match

Enabling “location match” in the GNCU Cards app serves two purposes. First, it makes using your debit card while traveling easier with fewer declines of legitimate transactions. For example, if you travel to Disneyland and use your card there, the purchase is more likely to be approved if your phone is also there.

This feature also helps with security. If someone tries to use your card in Arizona and your phone is in Reno, it is less likely to be approved. And if it results in a declined transaction, you will also be notified if you set up a declined alert.

Edit Card

NEW! The edit card feature now allows you to conveniently update your card's PIN number as needed (your current PIN number is required). Plus, inside the app you can still change your billing address, nickname your card, add a card and update other information when you receive a new card.

Mobile Drawer/Navigation

Within the app’s navigation, you can access our eBranch, CO-OP locations and a locator for GNCU branches that can be filtered to show branches and ATMs. The map also shows mobile payment locations which makes it even easier to use your favorite mobile wallet.

Managing Your Personal Finances

In addition to customizing your alerts and managing card controls with our new debit card app, you can also use our eBranch to manage your finances. GNCU eBranch allows you to check your account balance and receive alerts when your available balance is above or below the amount limits you set. You can also transfer funds, pay bills and more.

How Do I Get the Debit Card App?

The GNCU Cards app through Visa is available on both Apple and Android devices. To download our debit card app, head to your phone’s app store and search “GNCU Cards” to set up your account.

If you have questions, you can call Visa directly at (855) 219-8058.

We can’t wait to hear how this new app helps you Live Greater!

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Update Your PIN & Link to Apple Wallet

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