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A savings account that's easy to open and easy to grow. And here for everyone living or working in Nevada!

Open your Greater Nevada Share Savings account and automatically become an owner-member of your credit union, and all the benefits that come with it. Your sharing savings account features:
  • No monthly service charge*
  • Competitive dividend earnings, paid monthly
  • $5 minimum deposit to open account
  • Up to six third-party withdrawals or transfers per month**
  • One-time $5 membership fee at opening
  • Direct deposit and payroll deduction available
  • Free online banking
  • Free eStatements
  • Free mobile banking by cell phone, PDA, and other mobile devices
  • Free 24-hour telephone banking
  • Funds are federally insured to $250,000

Click on the Automate Your Savings tab above to easily build your rainy day fund.

Check out our current rates.

Looking for tips on managing your money? Check out our Financial Resources page, or speak with a Greater Nevada Credit Union member service representative today.

*The monthly service fee is waived for minor accounts and those accounts with active additional deposit products, loans, direct deposits or a minimum daily balance of at least $200.00.

** If you conduct activity on your account in excess of these limitations, please consider opening one of our checking accounts, which are designed for more consistent transaction activity and also have additional benefits.


Automate Your Savings

How easy is it to start building your savings? Super easy!

Whether you have a goal in mind, or just want to make it a habit, the services below can help you automate the savings process while still being in complete control of your money.

Step One: Determine How Much Should You Save

A good starting point is to make a budget. What are your monthly earnings, and what’s left over when you subtract your monthly expenses? It could be a lot or a little, though even a relatively small amount can really add up.

Step Two: Set Up Automated Savings

Transfers via Online Banking
As a Greater Nevada member, you have access to free online and mobile banking. This not only helps you easily view your account balances, it also enables you to transfer funds. You can use eBranch to set up automated transfers from your checking to your savings, as well as change the amount or frequency if needed. Ready to get started? Direct Deposits
Another way to start saving automatically is by taking a certain amount from your paycheck and putting it into your savings account through Direct Deposit.  Christmas Club
With a Greater Nevada Christmas Club savings account you can put away extra money all year long and then access those funds on November 1—just in time for the holidays. For more information or help with setting up your automated savings at Greater Nevada, contact a member service representative at (775) 882-2060.

Very helpful with options and resources that I did not know were available to me. I greatly appreciate GNCU working with me.
— Steven M. (November 2019)

"I would like to say Thank You. I have been a member for many years. I chose to keep GNCU as my financial institution even when I moved out of state to New Mexico over 7 years ago. The customer service is top notch and has always been extremely helpful. The great news is, I'm not changing anytime soon. I plan on keeping Greater Nevada as my banking choice in the years ahead. Again, Thank You. You have a very loyal and appreciative member."
— Thomas P. (October 2019)

We've never had a more enjoyable experience setting up our banking before. The staff at the GNCU Minden branch were super helpful and explained all of the options available to us. I wish more businesses would treat their customers this way!
— Frank H. (August 2019)

I have been working with Credit Unions as my primary financial institutions for 50+ years and Greater Nevada has impressed me with each interaction.
— Tom (August 2019)

I believe that a credit union is one of the most important features in our society, especially because GNCU has very professional staff, who are also very friendly and courteous to me. 
— Robert (August 2019)

The folks at the Ely Branch are exceptional.
— Kevin B. (July 2019)

Staff is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful - it is easy and a pleasure to visit my local branch.
— Robert K. (July 2019)

GNCU is always there for the customer. We just moved to NV. and are so happy to be banking with GNCU. Thank you.
— July 2019

Switching to a local bank has been a game changer. I love the personal touch and all of the amazing benefits GNCU has to offer.
— Sandra J. (July 2019)

I like GNCU because I get a 'home town' feel to working with them. I like to work with a Nevada company rather than out of state based. This CU takes pride in their service and it shows through every time I interact with them.
— Bob B. (July 2019)

Customer Service is the Best of the Best!
— Gary (July 2019)

Signing up for online checking was fast and easy. The customer service was also very professional and helpful over the phone. I also received a welcome phone call after 30 days of my account being opened. It just seems like GNCU wants my business as compared to other places I have banked with. Also...4% interest on checking is AWESOME!
— June 2019

Exceptional service, every time! :}
— Holly (June 2019)

When it comes to professionalism this bank is amazing however when it comes to customer service Greater Nevada is EPIC.
— June 2019

We love Greater Nevada Credit Union! All our needs are met with awesome tellers and staff! Thank you!
— Karen (June 2019)

Been a customer for 15+ years. Great customer service and a great community partner.
— May 2019

GNCU is the cure for the big banks which ail us. I was tired of the ridiculously low yields offered by the big guys and their traditional competitors. Open a new high-yield account today and start making your money work for you!
— May 2019

Alfonso was amazing and walked me through every detail! He made sure I understood everything about my new account. I felt like a genuine member of a family and walked out feel great about my decision to switch banks (a decision I had been thinking of for a few years).
— May 2019

Your Carson City south-end branch is great, love using the ATM and inside tellers.
— April 2019

The Greater Nevada Credit Union Minden Branch and on line banking service are the best. We have been a satisfied customer for over 30 years.
— Jim and Ana (April 2019)

I like the personal attention the representative gave me when she corrected herself to call be by my preferred name. I like the email I got from the other representative who help me set up my account the day before. I like the website's appearance and information presentations and ease of navigation. I deal with many different institutions on line and I can tell GNCU cares about their customer's experiences.
— April 2019

This is the Bank of the Future!
— Renie (April 2019)

All of my experiences with Greater Nevada Credit Union have been wonderful.
— Kirsten (April 2019)

The young women who we worked with were professional and did a wonderful job. 
— Tresa (April 2019)

We've never had a more enjoyable experience setting up our banking before. The staff at the GNCU Minden branch were super helpful and explained all of the options available to us. I wish more businesses would treat their customers this way!
— Frank H. (April 2019)

I started my e-pay system a few weeks ago; once I set up my billing addresses it has been easy and fun to use. I'm saving a lot of time and postage costs.
— March 2019

Yes Greater Nevada Credit Union is and has been Just a Blessing!!! The Customer Service is Absolutely Awesome. I will be telling All My Friends and Family to switch their banks and or Open and Account With Greater Nevada today!!
— March 2019

We went prepared for a long session because of past experiences at other institutions. All of the paperwork was done quickly by a friendly and helpful Associate. Thanks for a very good experience.
— Ralph C. (March 2019)

I would like say what pleasure it is working with Courtney McPheeters. She is Professional and Pleasant to work with. Because of her I would recommend GNCU to my friends and family. Thank you, Jeremy Captiv Data LLC
— Jeremy F. (March 2019)

Wow! Our savings account just jumped up $25 because we referred a relative to GNCU, and they opened a savings account. They also received a $25 bonus for opening their new account!
— March 2019

We recently set up a Money Market Account and an Aspire Checking Account at Greater Nevada Credit Union. The [member service representative] - Noel Scheuerman - was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! It was a piece of cake setting up these accounts.
— Andy H. (February 2019)

Always excellent service both at branches and online.
— Jean (February 2019)

Big Bank with a Home Town Feel!
— February 2019

Greater Nevada has figured out customer service not once in a while but every time I go in.
— Ray (February 2019)

I went to the Dayton branch to see about opening an Aspire checking account. Micah was very helpful and friendly. I had several questions and she is very knowledgeable about the products. She made it a pleasant experience.
— Tom (February 2019)

My daughter opened an account for people to donate towards a portable oxygen concentrator. Everything went very smoothly and people were able to make donations to the account easily.
— January 2019

The bank manager at the Neil Road Office went above and beyond the call of duty. She helped me obtain older banking records when the branch was Frontier. She was very helpful and provided the records as soon as she could (she had to work with the main branch since the records were archived). She has also assisted me previously on a charge that I did not agree with. She is always helpful and otherwise does an outstanding job.
— January 2019

Really enjoyed the experience I had joining. Cesar, the gentleman that helped me, was very professional and answered all my questions. I new within minutes of sitting there that I chosen the right financial institution. Cesar thank you for making it a great experience not a regret.
— Normand (January 2019)

I really enjoy my banking experiences with GNCU. I trust them.
— December 2018

I don't think one could ask for a better banking experience. The interactions were painless and mutually beneficial.
— Carl (December 2018)

I have been with GNCU for 20 years and love it. When you have a loyal customer for that many years I guess you are doing something right. Your staff is always courteous, friendly and professional.
— December 2018

GNCU is my hometown bank. The staff at every branch have always been helpful with all my banking needs.
— Robert (November 2018)

The manager at the Neil Road branch has assisted me twice in regards to personal checking related matters. In the most recent case she promptly got me some old checking receipts that I needed for the IRS. In another case she quickly took care of me when my card was compromised. She is absolutely outstanding! Thank you!
— November 2018

I have been with GNCU since I moved here over 20 years ago. The service has remained constant. The personal service you provide is professional, courteous and expedient. Your staff is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Your overall performance as a banking institution is reassuring, reliable and steadfast.
— November 2018

This is the BEST bank that I have worked with in over 50 yrs!! People are great, the banking menus on line are very easy to navigate…
— October 2018

We love banking at GNCU. We are new to this area, and GNCU was our first choice. Now our only choice!
— Richard and Sandra H. (October 2018)

I just love the way I feel when I'm at Greater Nevada Credit Union! It's a lot like "coming home" and seeing some favorite relatives.
— October 2018

I have always had a good experience when working with GNCU. Have been a member for several years and plan to stay a member for several more. Thank you for your excellent service.
— October 2018

I have banked with Wells Fargo for 20 yrs. Had I known how GOOD GNCU was…I would have done as I am doing now…moving ALL of my financial needs to Greater Nevada Credit Union.
— October 2018

I have been with Greater Nevada for about 8 years or so and have never had a complaint! They are amazing people who provide great care! Thank you for your service!
— October 2018

This is the Best bank around. Would recommend this Bank to anyone and everyone.
— October 2018

Greater Nevada Credit Union is the best bank I've ever done business with in over 1/2 century! They take the time to work w/you in times of hardship. My son now banks @ GNCU & he said he'll always will…
— Diana (September 2018)

I have been with GNCU for more than 40 years. I have always been happy with the service I have received.
— Vicki (September 2018)

I like the security on the account I know that if something ever happens it will be taken care of thanks for all you have done...
— Thomas (September 2018)
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