Talking With Your Kids About Finances: It's Never Too Early

Kate Robinson
Greater Nevada Credit Union
When I graduated High School, I didn’t wait long to start making my own way in the world. I’d always been driven and independent, so rather than making the most of my parents’ free room and board, I immediately joined the military, moved across the country and began earning paychecks. My parents raised me with a solid foundation in nearly everything, but if they fell short anywhere it was in preparing me for financial success. We’d struggled to make ends meet for much of my life, and I had no idea what I was doing, or how to implement good financial habits, until years later when I began working for Greater Nevada, where I now teach financial literacy to youth and adults.

What is an IRA Anyway?

Kyle Brice
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Since we’re deep into tax season, the one time of year when people think about their retirement accounts and investments, we thought we’d try to shed some light on one of the least understood types of investment products – the IRA. For many folks, the IRA is a vague “way to save money”, complicated, misunderstood and overwhelming. So let’s take some of the mystery out of it. The basics: 

Tricks for Eating Better and Spending Less This Year

Kyle Brice
Greater Nevada Credit Union

The new year has begun and it’s time to put our best intentions to the test. Sticking to your resolution is tough, only eight percent of people actually achieve their resolutions, so if you’ve failed in the past, you’re in good company. In an effort to help you (and me) achieve your (and my) resolutions, I looked for ways to combine two major resolutions; saving more money and being healthier. What I found—ten ways to save money by eating healthier. You’re welcome. 


What’s in a Credit Score… And How to Manage Yours

Kyle Brice
Greater Nevada Credit Union

Credit Score is an ominous term. Advertisements for credit score websites are always trying to sell you something to fix it, while payday lender advertisements tell you it doesn’t matter because you’re already approved. If you’re in Generation X your credit score probably took a beating during the recession, and if you’re a millennial, like me, you probably have no idea what your credit score is, let alone what it should be.


Get Your Stuff, Keep Your Identity: A Guide to Safe Holiday Shopping

Patty Chang
Greater Nevada Credit Union

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And a big part of the season is holiday shopping. If you're a crack-of-dawn-Black-Friday type, holiday shopping can be a lot of fun, buying gifts you know will bring joy to the ones you love. It can also be a hectic time, where you cut in line at black Friday, snatch the last Playstation 4 and try to make it out of Wal-Mart before an angry mob erupts. Either way the season won’t be as merry and bright if you are a victim of holiday fraud. So here are a few tips to keep your identity (and you!) safe and secure while holiday shopping.


Worrying About Retirement at 35? You’re Not Alone…

Kyle Brice
Greater Nevada Credit Union

If someone asked you how prepared you are for retirement, what would you say? If your answer is, “What retirement?” don't worry, you’re in good company.

The good news is about half of your age group is in the same boat, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed of. The bad news is, this is the highest percent of any age group. Normally you would associate worrying about retirement with folks who are actually near retirement age, but the Great Recession has caused a shift in attitude, and in wealth.


I need a business loan: do I go to a bank or a credit union?

Jeremy Gilpin
Vice President of Business Services
What’s the difference between getting a business loan with a credit union versus a community bank? The Business Services team at Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) gets that question often, and this is how I explain it.

Holiday Saving Tips: Spend Less & Enjoy More

Kate Robinson
Greater Nevada Credit Union

It’s September 26 and you know what that means… 90 days till Christmas! In case that number isn’t scary enough, try this one: For many of us that means six paychecks until Christmas (Scarier? You’re welcome). But don’t panic. Even if you’re not one of those ultra-responsible people with Christmas Club accounts who started saving in January, you still don’t have to break the bank. There are tons of holiday money-saving tricks. Here are some ideas:


Steps to Buying a Home (It’s Not as Scary as You Think)

Kate Robinson
Greater Nevada Credit Union

At Greater Nevada we help people buy homes every day.  That’s how we know it can seem pretty intimidating. If you’ve never bought a home before, or you haven’t in a long time, or you don’t think you can because of X, Y, or Z, we’ve got good news. The journey from here to homeownership isn’t as dark and scary as it may seem on the surface.


Surprising Tips About Saving for College

For you parents who may be panicking about the alarming rate at which your toddler is growing (he’ll be packing up for college before you know it) this blog’s for you.

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