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Security Vendors and Technologies

Falcon Fraud

GNCU partners with Falcon Fraud, the most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment fraud real-time, stopping it in its tracks, and reducing losses by up to 50%. Through this partnership, GNCU is able to address fraudulent activity quickly and reliably while minimizing impact to members.

Don’t forget to give GNCU a heads up before you take your next adventure. Posting a travel notification before you go will allow you to avoid inconvenient disruptions to card services.

Click here to learn more about travel notifications.

Chip Cards

You might notice a little square chip on the front of your debit/credit card. This specialized EMV computer chip prevents unauthorized users from copying and counterfeiting your personal card information. When the chip is used, it creates a unique, one-time code for every purchase. Since the transaction numbers are always changing, any code re-attempts by perpetrators are denied.


Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) are similar to ATMs but also include face-to-face video-chat support with our team of Video Member Service Representatives (VMSRs); transactions are conducted real-time via video conferencing. Our members’ privacy is a top priority and conversations can be kept completely confidential. In-branch conversations can be conducted through a handset or typed on a keyboard when at the ITM. When you're at a drive-up ITM, you can bring your own ear buds to communicate with the VMSR just like on your tablet or phone. For additional security, VMSRs can blank the screen for you at any time.

Mobile Banking App

Even though there are plenty of benefits to mobile banking, members are sometimes concerned with available security features. Banking apps, including GNCU’s, use progressive technology to encrypt data transmissions for guarding sensitive information. Plus, no personal information is stored on your actual app, in case your mobile device is ever lost or stolen.

GNCU Cards App

GNCU offers a free card manager app, GNCU Cards, to give our members greater control and security over their Greater Nevada Visa® debit card. The free card manager app allows you to:

  • Turn your card(s) on/off with Card Controls
  • Set up transaction alerts via email, text or push notifications
  • Set dollar limits or block certain purchase types
  • Use the Travel Notices feature for allowing purchases at your destination when traveling
  • And more

eBranch Online Banking

GNCU provides its members free 24-hour online banking for Greater Nevada deposit accounts with the highest level of security. eBranch allows members to view account balances and histories, account holds, pending debit card transactions, current stop payments, and other information. Send money securely through Popmoney in Greater Nevada's online bill pay, ePay. eBranch also allows members to keep up with their transactions including setting up alerts via text or e-mail. Want to learn more on eBranch? Click here to check out our tutorial.