Example of the Prizeout Marketplace


Get More for Your Money

We all love free money, and with Prizeout found within Greater Nevada Digital Banking, Greater Nevada Credit Union members with personal or business checking accounts can get special bonus value when they buy digital gift cards from their favorite brands. It’s a win-win!

Example of the Prizeout Marketplace

Earn Extra to Shop at Your Favorite Brands

The Prizeout marketplace is packed with digital gift cards from many national and local brands ranging from retail, travel, dining, and more. For example, you purchase one $100 digital gift card offering a 20% bonus value. That means you will receive a $120 digital gift card!

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or someone else, Prizeout digital gift cards:

  • Offer bonus value with every purchase.
  • Have no fees and never expire within a minimum of 5 years from the date of purchase.
  • Are delivered near-instantly in most cases.
  • Can be used online or in-store.
  • Can be the cherry on top of your everyday purchases.
Example of the Prizeout Marketplace

Here’s How to Use Prizeout

  1. Log into your Digital Banking account.
  2. Click Prizeout from the main menu or from the widget in your Home dashboard.
  3. Once in, choose which GNCU checking account you would like to use to pay for your digital gift card purchases from the top right Account drop-down menu (one of your checking accounts will be pre-selected, but you may choose a different checking account if needed).
  4. Explore the marketplace and click on the brand to see more details and choose an amount.
  5. Click the Select Gift Card button to accept the terms and conditions and purchase your digital gift card.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have registered with your Digital Banking account containing the digital gift card redemption code to be used with the brand.
  7. The digital gift card will also be instantly stored in your Prizeout wallet, which can be accessed by clicking the three-line icon in the top right of your window. Here, you can also see how much bonus money you have earned in total through all Prizeout purchases. 
  8. Make sure to check back often for new brands and bonus values are always changing!

Prizeout Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions and answers about this great feature. Have another one? You can email us, call the Member Resource Center at (800) 421-6674, or visit a GNCU branch (appointments and walk-ins are welcome).

What is Prizeout?

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Prizeout is an online marketplace within Greater Nevada Digital Banking where GNCU members can purchase digital gift cards with funds from their checking account(s) from various local and national brands that come with bonus value. It’s quick, secure, and easy.

Do I get to choose which account to purchase the Prizeout digital gift cards from?

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Yes! You can choose which GNCU checking account you would like to use to purchase the digital gift card, and it can be switched at any time.

How do I claim my Prizeout digital gift cards that I purchased?

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A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have registered with your Digital Banking account containing the digital gift card redemption code to be used with the brand. If you do not receive it, then make sure to check your spam or junk folders in case it accidentally went there.

You can also find your purchased digital gift cards in your Prizeout wallet.

Are there physical gift cards or only digital gift cards through Prizeout?

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There are no physical gift cards associated with digital gift cards purchased through Prizeout. However, you can print the digital gift card if you would like to have something physical to use in-store.

Can I send a Prizeout digital gift card to a friend or family member?

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Absolutely! Once purchased, a digital gift card can be used by anyone.

If you bought one for someone else (like as a gift for a special occasion), then please note that you can’t share the digital gift card from within Prizeout. You will need to forward or print the confirmation email you received with the redemption code, or you can simply share the redemption code.

Please also note that even if you send the digital gift card to someone else, it will still show in your Prizeout digital wallet. We recommend archiving the digital gift cards you shared to ensure you don’t accidentally use it by mistake.

Can Prizeout digital gift cards be canceled, refunded, or exchanged?

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Once a digital gift card is redeemed and Prizeout has sent you an email to claim it, we are unable to cancel it, refund your account, or exchange it for another digital gift card.

How do I check the balance of a Prizeout digital gift card?

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Digital gift card balances can be checked via the specific brand’s website. Click here to look up instructions from some of the most popular brands.

What is the minimum/maximum value I can purchase through Prizeout?

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You can purchase up to a maximum of $200 in digital gift cards in a 24-hour period through Prizeout. The specific amounts available for purchase are determined by the brands, so you may see some with higher minimum and lower maximum amounts.

Why do Prizeout digital gift card bonus values change?

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Bonus values are set by each brand, so we recommend you check back frequently to see the latest offerings.

Can Prizeout digital gift card purchases be made outside the United States?

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Prizeout is only eligible for members located in the US.

Can I mark my Prizeout digital gift cards as used?

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Prizeout does not automatically keep track of the live balance of each digital gift card. We recommend archiving after using them to ensure you don’t accidentally try to use them again by mistake. This can be done within your Prizeout wallet.

Is Prizeout available to business members too?

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Yes! Both personal and business members with a GNCU checking account can use Prizeout to get bonus value from digital gift card purchases.

Who do I contact with any issues with Prizeout?

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A “contact us” link is included in the confirmation email sent after the purchase of a digital gift card.

You can also choose to send us a secure message from your Digital Banking account or call the Member Resource Center at (800) 421-6674.