youth savings account

Youth Savings Account

Building for Their Future

It’s never too early to open a youth savings account for your child. A Greater Nevada Youth Share savings account is available for members 17 years old and younger, allowing them to earn monthly dividends and become a member-owner of our financial cooperative.

It’s Never Too Early to Learn Good Savings Habits

Savings Accounts for Kids

Our Youth Share savings account is easy to open. Simply visit any Greater Nevada Credit Union branch with your young saver.

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Teaches Financial Responsibility

Youth Share savings accounts are free to open, earn interest and teach young members how to build for a solid financial future.

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Low Minimum Balance

With no monthly maintenance fees, our Youth Share savings account only requires a $5 minimum balance.

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Benefits of Membership

Opening one is the first step to becoming a member of our credit union and will allow them to take advantage of services, accounts, loans, and other special features as they grow older.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Have a question about opening a new Youth Share savings account for your child? Let our experts help guide you through the process.

Savings For Every Stage

Greater Nevada’s savings accounts are designed to help people of all ages build a mindset of growth and saving. With accounts that pay high yields to those flexible enough to withdraw from regularly, there is a savings account for everyone at Greater Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Youth Savings Accounts

It’s common to have lots of questions about opening a savings account for your child. The questions and answers below will help you get started on the path to saving for your little ones.

At what age should a child have a savings account?

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Believe it or not, it’s important to set up a savings account for a child as soon as they are born. That way, once they are old enough to learn enough about money, the foundation will be there as they learn to budget, spend and save wisely over their formative years.

Do I have to pay taxes on my child’s savings account interest?

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The technical answer is yes, but your child would need to earn at least $700 in interest before your taxes are impacted. In most cases, a child’s savings account will represent all upside and no downside, as it helps them get a head start on life.

Can you withdraw from a youth savings account?

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Of course! Keep in mind the point of a savings account is to accumulate money over long periods of time. So, if you are considering using the money in your child’s account regularly, it may make more sense to explore a checking account from Greater Nevada.

Real-World Teaching Moments

Greater Nevada supports young folks by showing them the way to create a solid financial foundation. View our products and services for young savers below.

Open a Greater Nevada Credit Union Youth Savings Account

Ready to help your child build their financial future? Use the resources below to get started.