5 Essential Steps to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Female business owner accepting mobile payment on small business saturday

Small Business Saturday is when communities rally to show support and love to small local businesses. This is your chance to score big as a small business owner! Follow these steps to light up your small business on Small Business Saturday!

🛍️ Step 1: Take Stock

  • Dig into your inventory to see what you’ve got in store.
  • Find your star products and make sure they shine.
  • Fill in any missing gaps and order more goodies — especially your most popular products!
  • Consider a Business Line of Credit for upfront ordering costs. 💼

🎉 Step 2: Create Irresistible Promos

  • Get those creative juices flowing for exclusive Small Business Saturday deals. Think discounts, bundles, and gifts with purchase.
  • Take advantage of Merchant Services to simplify special promos with smooth transactions. 💳
  • Plan your marketing strategy early and maximize the promotional power of email marketing and social media posts.
  • Get your promotional materials and signage ready and decorate your brick and mortar or digital storefront!

💻 Step 3: Boost Your Online Game

  • Double-check your hours and location info and update your website.
  • Ensure your e-commerce is ready for increased online traffic.
  • Reach out to GNCU’s dedicated Commercial Services team to craft custom payment portals using cool QR codes.
  • Stay active on social media leading up to the event. Engage with potential customers and get them excited to shop. 📲

🚀 Step 4: Supercharge Your Staff

  • Educate your excellent crew about the event and special promotions.
  • Get those staff schedules in order – it will be a busy day!
  • Make sure everyone’s on the same page and ready to deliver top-notch customer service. 🌟

🤝 Step 5: Unite with Local Allies

  • Forge local connections and find partners for cross-promotion.
  • Team up with local influencers and bloggers for some extra social buzz.
  • Plan exciting joint events to lure in a bigger crowd. 🤝📢

With these five essential steps and support from Greater Nevada Credit Union, you’re ready to rock Small Business Saturday. Time to connect with your community and boost your sales. Your holiday season and long-term success are looking bright! ✨