Online Banking Tools & Tips: 6 Ways to Make Managing Your Money Easy

Woman wearing orange on her laptop looking at online banking tools.

Online banking tools make it easier to manage your finances on your terms. With the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, you can control many aspects of your account, including depositing checks, making transfers, setting up bill pay, checking your balances, and more. When you can have 24/7 access to your money, you can plan and monitor how you save and spend it and ultimately achieve your financial goals faster and more easily.

Read on for the top five tips for making the most of your online banking experience.

Pay and Get Paid With Ease

In the past, if you needed to pay someone, you had two options. You had to take out the exact denomination of bills or write them a check. This was a major problem if that person lived across the country as you had to mail their cash/check or use a wire service. Luckily, this headache is behind us.

Now, you can send or receive money almost instantly using trusted money-sending apps like Zelle®. Zelle® is a service that lets you send/receive to just about anyone with a U.S. bank account.

What’s even better is that it takes just a few minutes for payments to process. This eliminates the risk of putting cash or a check in the mail. It’s also a faster, more convenient alternative to using cash since you don’t need to worry about having the physical bills with you.

Imagine that you’ve just gotten dinner with a friend who paid the entire bill with their card. Using Zelle®, you can instantly send them money for your half of the bill.

Zelle® is just one of the latest online banking tools that Greater Nevada introduced to make your life a little bit easier. Greater Nevada Digital Banking allows our members to access their accounts 24/7 365, cash checks from anywhere, send and receive money quickly, and much more. Most importantly, it puts them in control of their financial future.

Never Miss a Payment with Online Banking Tools

Late payments could hurt your credit score, result in extra fees, end up on your credit report, and even cause your interest rates to rise—four consequences no one wants. Greater Nevada offers online Bill Pay to avoid missing a payment.

Online Bill Pay works similarly because it lets you set up automatic payments for your bills. This way, you can set up recurring payments for things you are regularly billed for. This includes rent, utilities, phone bills, insurance, or Netflix. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay a bill.

Save Time with Instant Deposits

You can’t always make a trip to a branch of your local credit union when you need to deposit a check and get access to your funds. That is when mobile deposits can help. This feature lets you deposit checks directly from your phone by going into the GNCU app, endorsing your check, and submitting a picture. The money will arrive in your account within a few days, depending on when you made the mobile deposit.

Monitor Account Activity in Real-Time

Perhaps the greatest benefit of any online banking portal is the 24/7 access that it gives you. At any time of the day or night, you can stay up to date on your account balances and histories, pending debit card transactions, and other information. This includes creating personalized Account Alerts to monitor any account activity. You can set up account alerts to notify you of things like:

  • When your balance hits a certain threshold
  • When a debit, credit, or check has hit your account
  • When an online transaction is conducted
  • When you need to set a reminder for something

This is beneficial in two ways. First, it allows you to stay updated on everything related to your account. And second, it will notify you immediately of any suspicious activity. That way, you can reach out to a Greater Nevada representative to get everything straightened out.

Manage Your GNCU Visa Debit Cards in One Place

Here’s another magic trick that online banking tools can do—transforming physical debit/credit cards into a digital wallet. For example, in the Cards App, you can link your existing GNCU debit cards to a digital wallet. This allows you to access your cards from your phone without the need to carry them everywhere. Say goodbye to losing your credit card once and for all! In addition to using them for your digital wallet, the GNCU Cards app gives you total control over other aspects of your cards. This includes updating your card’s PIN, setting up transaction alerts, setting spending limits, and more. Need to let us know you’re traveling? Log into the GNCU Cards app and get it done while putting your shoes back on at security.

Check Your Credit Score and More

Take an active role in your financial wellness with a tool that lets you access your credit score, credit monitoring, credit score simulator, financial tips, and more, like Greater Nevada’s My Credit Health. With this free feature, you get daily access to your Transunion credit score plus real-time credit monitoring alerts, a credit score simulator, personalized credit report, special credit offers, and more—all without impacting your credit score.

If you’re looking for a more efficient and straightforward way to manage your finances, then online banking tools are exactly what you need.

Not a Greater Nevada member? Let us show you how our great customer service and online banking tools can make money management easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!