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How GNCU Protects its Members

Through various technologies and vendor partnerships, Greater Nevada Credit Union takes many steps to protect our members’ information.

Falcon Fraud

GNCU partners with Falcon Fraud, the most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment fraud real-time to stop it in its tracks while minimizing impact to members. These include:

  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to monitor purchase behaviors of each member and identifying anomalies that could be fraud.
  • Members will be contacted to verify their purchase to make sure it is not a fraud related charge.

Debit Cards

All GNCU Visa debit cards come with the latest in safety and security to keep your money safe. These include:

  • EMV chip technology which prevents unauthorized users from copying and counterfeiting your debit card’s information. When the chip is used, it creates a unique, one-time code for every purchase. Since the transaction numbers are always changing, any code re-attempts by perpetrators are denied.
  • With the GNCU Cards app, you will enjoy complete control over your debit card and have the peace of mind to spend with confidence. Some of the security features include the ability to turn your card on/off with the flip of a switch, transaction alerts, spending limits or blocking certain purchase types, and more.

Greater Nevada Digital Banking

Greater Nevada Digital Banking (online and mobile) is easy to use and gives you the latest in security to bank with confidence through any device. These include:

  • The latest NIST standards for data at rest and in transit with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 encryption.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to protect all data in transit from any possible tampering.
  • No sensitive data is ever stored on the device.
  • Two-factor authentication is required for account access on all devices.
  • The ability to set up email, text, and push notification alerts for a multitude of activities, including account access by a new device.


Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) are like ATMs but also offer video chat support with our team of Video Member Service Representatives (VMSRs). Security features when using an ITM include:

  • Transactions are conducted real-time via video conferencing, and VMSRs can blank the screen for you at any time.
  • Conversations that happen at an ITM inside a branch can be conducted through a handset or typed on a keyboard.
  • For conversations that happen at a drive-up ITM, you can bring your own ear buds to communicate with the VMSR just like on your tablet or phone.