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Visa Debit Card

Free with Any Greater Nevada Checking Account

A powerful tool that many of us now take for granted, a Visa® debit card is free with any Greater Nevada checking account. Your debit card is easier and safer than carrying cash or checks, and makes account management simple.
  • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • More than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide
  • No interest or annual fees
  • Funds deducted directly from your checking account
  • All transactions automatically recorded in your statement
  • Safer than cash or check
  • Get text or email alerts by signing up for Visa Purchase Alerts
  • Extra security shopping online with Verified by Visa. No enrollment is required for this added service. Verified by Visa usually works behind the scenes when you're shopping online, using advanced technology to confirm your identity. If there’s any doubt – such as when you use a new device or make an unusually large purchase - you may be asked by your financial institution to provide more information to confirm the purchase.
  • Protected by GNCU's  Zero Liability
  • Plus, Visa debit cards are Apple Pay™ compatible and they have EMV chip technology for added security!