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Dispute Account Activity

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Disputing Fraudulent Transactions on Your Account

You can dispute fraudulent transactions in two ways: 

  • Online: Log into your Digital Banking account and dispute the charge in your account’s Transaction History.   
  • Phone: Call our fraud hotline at (775) 334-8635, Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM. If you think any of your account information is compromised, then they will be able to place a block on your account.

Online Dispute Process

Here’s how you can dispute transaction through your Greater Nevada Digital Banking account (Please note: You can only dispute 10 of the same item at a time):

1) Log into your Digital Banking account by clicking the “LOG IN” button found at the top of any page of our website. 

2) Click on the account tile to open the account to find the transaction you wish to dispute.

Screenshot from within Digital Banking highlighting an account

3) Find the transaction you want to dispute and click on the three vertical dots. A dropdown menu will appear. Click ‘Dispute Transaction.’ 

Screenshot from within Digital Banking showing how to select dispute transactions

4) A pop-up form will appear. Select ‘dispute transaction’ or cancel. Then select ‘continue dispute.’  

Screenshot of what the Dispute transactions menu looks like

5) Provide more details about the disputed transaction in this form.  

Screenshot highlighting the Submit dispute button

6) After filling out the form, click ‘Submit dispute.’ 

7) A successful submission notice will appear, and GNCU will process the dispute.

Screenshot to show a successful Dispute Transaction

8) Red Flags will mark transactions you submitted for dispute. When a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction is confirmed by GNCU, we will remove it from your account.  

Screenshot showing a red flag on an account charge

Reporting Other Fraud Transactions

Upon completing the form, either drop it off at your local Greater Nevada branch or email it to us at

Affidavit of Forgery of Checks – Fraudulent use of checks (stolen, lost, and fake checks using your account information)

ACH Dispute Form – To dispute a third party using your account and routing number. This can be used for both fraudulent and non-fraudulent instances.

  • Example of a Fraudulent ACH Dispute: Someone using your account information to make payments without your permission or knowledge.
  • Example of a Non-Fraudulent ACH Dispute: A company you wanted to pay took the wrong amount from your account, or charged more than once.