payment saver auto loan

Payment Saver Auto Loan

Save Money on Your New Car

Lease or buy your next car, van, or light truck? Get the best of both worlds with Greater Nevada Credit Union’s Payment Saver Auto Loan. Enjoy monthly payments up to 40% less than conventional loan payments.

Payment Saver Auto Loan

Leasing a car usually means lower monthly payments–and everyone loves those. But if you want to own your car, rather than lease it, you can still get those low monthly payments with our Payment Saver Auto Loan.

Month by month, these loans are less expensive than conventional financing. They don’t come with extra or hidden fees, and at the end of the term, you’ll have several different options to choose from on how you’d like to proceed.

The Payment Saver Auto Loan is just one of the car loans available through Greater Nevada. Explore flexible financing offers, credit building opportunities, and other products today–contact us for more information or visit your local branch.

Start Saving–Apply Today

Apply now for a Payment Saver auto loan today to start exploring your financing options (and start enjoying those sweet, low monthly payments sooner).

Payment Saver Auto Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you apply for a Payment Saver Auto Loan, be sure you’re up to speed on these important facts.

What are the requirements of a Payment Saver Auto Loan?

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Having a good credit score is your key to being eligible for most auto loans, and the Payment Saver option is no exception. Read more about Greater Nevada’s car loan requirements or contact us to discuss your circumstances with a member of our lending team–we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action if you don’t meet certain criteria.

How can I get a lower monthly car payment?

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If you’ve already purchased a car and want to lower your monthly payment, consider refinancing. If you haven’t purchased a car yet but want to be sure you’ll get a lower payment, consider opting for a loan with a longer term (but note that you may pay more interest in the long run).

How can I lower my car payment interest rate?

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Again, having good credit is your best friend here. Opting for a shorter term length may also help you secure lower car loan rates–not just on a Payment Saver auto loan, but on others, too.

Should I buy or lease my car?

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The short answer: it depends! The longer answer: your finances, your goals, and your short- and long-term plans can all influence this decision, so don’t rush it. Use our buy vs. lease car loan calculator to see snapshots of what your monthly payments might look like, or how much interest you’d pay for the two different options.

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Apply for a Greater Nevada Credit Union Auto Loan

Pay it like you lease it, drive it like you own it with a Payment Saver Auto Loan from Greater Nevada. Contact us today to start your application!

Additional Car Loan Options

As a not-for-profit credit union, our reason for being is to help more people Live Greater. One of the ways we do this is by offering car loans that promote financial wellness via lower monthly payments, better interest rates, flexible terms, or all of the above. Below, you’ll find a few important details about different types of car loans available through our credit union.