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Visa® Purchase Alerts

VisaVISA Purchase Alerts is a free consumer opt in service that allows members to receive text messages or email alerts any time a qualified VISA transaction* takes place on their VISA debit card.  

Visa Purchase AlertsHow it Works

To receive VISA Purchase Alerts, cardholders can sign up through, using the VISA Purchase Alerts Login. Once enrolled, cardholders can establish specific alert triggers.

Anytime a qualified VISA transaction takes place that meets the cardholder's defined parameters, he or she receives an alert in seconds via email and/or SMS text message.

Triggers can include:
  • Individual transaction amount thresholds
  • International transactions
  • Card-absent transactions, such as telephone or online orders


Through VISA Purchase Alerts, cardholders have the ability to:
  • Closely monitor their VISA credit, debit or prepaid accounts
  • Check for unusual transaction activity and/or track spending levels immediately
  • Take action at the first sign of potential fraud
*A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through VisaNet, including Interlink and Plus.
For questions or concerns, please contact Visa directly at