Check presentation to Eddy House as part of the Keys to Greater program

Eddy House Partnership

Greater Nevada Mortgage’s Keys to Greater program donates a portion of the revenue from every new mortgage or refinance they fund. Our partnership with Eddy House doesn’t stop there. We’re also providing financial education, resources and support to the nonprofit to aid their mission of ending youth homelessness in Nevada.

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Keys to Greater Aids Eddy House to End Youth Homelessness in Nevada

Nevada has one of the highest rates of youth experiencing homelessness in the nation. There are an estimated 1,300 young people in Nevada facing homelessness at any given moment. This population makes up 20% of the state’s homeless count.

That’s why we and our wholly owned subsidiary, Greater Nevada Mortgage (GNM), have partnered with Eddy House in Reno to join them in their fight to end youth homelessness in Nevada. GNM launched their Keys to Greater program in 2021 with a portion of the revenue from every new mortgage or refinance being donated to support nonprofits helping to end homelessness.

When Eddy House reached out looking for ways to educate their clients on healthy eating habits, we happily provided two brand-new grills for the House. But we knew this new equipment wasn’t enough. So, we also arranged for famed Reno chef Mark Estee to attend a BBQ and teach the youth of Eddy House how to use the grills, letting them eat what they prepared for themselves.

Watch the video below for a recap of the day’s events.