Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College

Greater Nevada Credit Union has been a long-time supporter of Western Nevada College (WNC) through sponsoring many different programs and fundraisers, awarding scholarships to GNCU members attending WNC, and participating in the WNC Foundation.

Our Carson City: North Carson branch is conveniently located just minutes from the heart of the Carson City campus, and WNC students, faculty, staff, and alumni also have access to special offers through our Greater Perks program.

Greater Driving in Northern Nevada

GNCU is also the official sponsor of the Greater Driving in Northern Nevada program at WNC. The program goals include promoting safe driving among new drivers in Northern Nevada through the WNC Driver’s Ed program, offering exclusive student benefits, and providing financial education to students regarding responsible car ownership.

Students who successfully complete the WNC Drivers Education program can receive free gifts and the opportunity for partial reimbursement toward their course cost. Students who complete the Driver Ed program may also participate in an essay contest to earn one of three $500 scholarships for WNC. Talk to your Driver’s Ed program instructor for details.