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Boat Loans

Affordable Loans to Get You on the Water

Nevada’s great bodies of water are calling your name: Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, Pyramid Lake, Lahontan Reservoir and South Fork Reservoir to name only a few. Yet, if you’re big on watersports dreams but a bit low on funds, these weekend adventures may feel out of reach. Good news: Greater Nevada Credit Union offers affordable, flexible boat loans to get you on the water without throwing your budget overboard.

Benefits of Greater Nevada Credit Union Boat Loans

As a member-owned credit union, Greater Nevada offers loans for boats and other personal watercraft with low rates, flexible terms and payments you can be comfortable with. Our application process is easy, and our loan consultants will work with you to explore all options available.

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Low Rates & Flexible Terms

When it’s time to purchase a boat, Greater Nevada offers recreational loans with low loan rates and flexible terms to fit your budget.

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Buy New or Used

Whether you’re purchasing a new or used boat, jet ski, or other watercraft, we’re here to help you with financing.

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All-Inclusive Financing

Keep your purchase simple. Tax, license, and extended warranties may be rolled into your recreational loan financing.

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Additional Protection Products Available

Rest a littler easier at night when you elect to include Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Payment/Debt Protection coverage (limitations may apply).

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Get Pre-Approved First

Get pre-approved and bring more buying (and bargaining) power to the conversation as you shop for your next boat or other watercraft. Start by running some test scenarios using our free loan calculator.

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Boat Loan Refinancing

Let’s explore refinancing your existing boat loan from elsewhere, including if a cash-out refinance could be a possibility for you.

Friendly Help to Get You Started

Before you start shopping for your next boat or watercraft, get in touch with us. Our experienced local lending consultants will help you find the best loan for your needs and make a decision on your pre-approval quickly, so you can negotiate the best deal.

Boat Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about boat loans from Greater Nevada? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you get into the boat, jet ski or other personal watercraft of your dreams.

What information do I need when applying for a boat loan?

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The information needed to apply for a boat loan is generally the same as most other loans from Greater Nevada. You will need to fill out an application which will ask for your basic personal information, Social Security number, verification of employment or income. A credit report will be run to determine your ability to secure a loan for a boat. Additionally, we may also request specifics about the boat, such as make and model.

Is it difficult to get a loan for a boat?

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As with many loans, it depends. Your credit score will be a major factor in determining how much you can borrow and rate. Other factors include the type of boat, your income, down payment amount,, and if a co-borrower will be involved to name a few.

Is it better to get a loan through a credit union?

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There are many great reasons to work with a credit union as opposed to a traditional bank. Credit unions are built by the people, for the people and, in the case of Greater Nevada, it’s our local members who own the institution. Every member has an equal say in our not-for-profit financial cooperative, unlike banks which are operated by corporations and shareholders for the purpose of earning profits. So, we like to humbly think that yes, it is better to get a loan through a credit union.

What is a typical boat payment?

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A variety of factors that go into approving any given loan, including the terms and conditions, the borrower’s credit score and the type of boat being purchased. We can tell you that the average new boat costs between $60,000 and $70,000, with pre-owned boats potentially costing less. To get a better sense of how much your monthly payment will be, visit our online Loan Calculator.

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Get Pre-Approved

Apply for a Greater Nevada Credit Union Boat Loan

Ready to see if you’re approved for a boat loan from Greater Nevada? Follow the links below to connect with a lending expert today.

Additional Vehicle Loan Options

Boats are massively fun, but don’t forget about cars, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. If there is a registered title associated with your next ride, Greater Nevada can help with affordable financing options on recreational loans.