Plan a Family Vacation With Get Away Today

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How To Plan a Vacation on a Budget With GNCU Perks

School’s almost out for the summer, so the pressure is on for parents to plan an epic family vacation. But if you’re on a budget, you could be dreading the thought of planning a family trip as much as you dread tax time.

But don’t stress – there are plenty of ways to have a fun family vacation on a budget. First, figure out your budget and then use trip-planning tools like the Get Away Today trip planner to set money aside and get the best deals on travel.

Create a Vacation Budget

Family vacations can be expensive, so preparing a budget is necessary because there’s plenty to consider: Airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and entertainment. If you’re planning a family vacation six months in advance, you can book your flights first, later pay for the hotel and then save up for food and theme park tickets if that’s what you have in mind.

Another option is to use an all-inclusive trip planner like Get Away Today, a GNCU partner, to book all-inclusive trips to Mexico and Hawaii – or a cruise. Booking packaged travel is a fantastic way to save money on a trip, and you typically can put down a few hundred dollars toward a future trip and then begin to save up every month.

Vacation on a Budget Using Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards with travel rewards are a great option if you have good credit and want to take a vacation on a budget. Travel rewards cards offer points on travel must-haves – think dining, gas, travel, and entertainment.

If you plan months in advance, you can open a travel credit card in the months leading up to your trip. Set up autopay for a few large bills and earn bonus point rewards that can be used to plan that family vacation.

Another thing to check into with credit cards — they typically offer some sort of rental car insurance if you book the entire rental on a credit card (not a debit card). Check with the bank that issued your credit card to see what type of protection you might have.

Vacation on a Budget Using Get Away Today

Family vacation on a budget at Disneyland, you say? It’s possible. Get Away Today has vacation packages to Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disney Cruises, Legoland, and Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Family Vacation

Here are a few of the Disneyland specials offered by Get Away Today:

  • Disneyland concierge services
  • Get a third or fourth night free at select Anaheim hotels
  • Discount tickets
  • Discount group travel

Make it a road trip if you’re trying to save money on a Disneyland vacation. Hit the U.S. 395 and head south. Book a hotel close to Disneyland – within a mile – and use it as a home base. Make sure it has a pool so you and the kids can give your feet a break from the miles you’ll walk at the park. Staying at a close hotel will save you a ton of money over staying at a Disney hotel.

Don’t forget to get Disneyland tickets with a Genie+ pass – you’ll save a ton of time waiting in line. Finally, don’t forget to buy your tickets and book a Disneyland reservation. The reservation is free – the ticket isn’t.

Finally, consider booking a family vacation during the off-season – you’ll surely get the best deals this way. Or get creative – book a camping trip when everyone’s heading to the beach for spring break and book a Disneyland vacation over the holidays.