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Car Loans for Bad Credit

Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Program

Less-than-perfect credit shouldn’t stop you from Living Greater. Get behind the wheel of a car you need while building your score up with a Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan from Greater Nevada Credit Union.

How Can a Credit Union Car Loan Help Rebuild Credit?

Most people agree: making regular loan payments on something, whether it’s a home loan, personal loan, or auto loan, is the best way to improve your credit. There’s just one problem: if you have a bad credit score, getting approved for those loans in the first place is challenging. When members ask us how to overcome this hurdle for a better financial future, we point them toward our Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Program.

This option (which is one of several car loans available) offers a manageable payment plan and flexible terms to borrowers who need a new ride as they get their finances back on track.

Ready to rebuild? See our car loan rates or contact your local branch for more details about our bad credit car financing program.

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Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Program Qualifications

Qualifying for our Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan is meant to be simple and straightforward–after all, it’s designed to help applicants with not-great credit get on the path toward a brighter financial future.

Have a Clean Record

This means no open or unpaid collection accounts, judgments, or public records. Any bankruptcies must be dismissed for at least 2 or more years and any foreclosures and short-sales must be 2 or more years old.

Know the Minimums and Maximums

The maximum amount you can borrow is $20,000 with a maximum term length of up to 60 months. The minimum cash down payment is 10% (rebates and trade-equity may not be used to satisfy the down payment requirement).

Practice Better Financial Wellness

Applicants must have at least 12 months of continuous employment with no breaks, and your monthly gross income (amount before taxes) must be at least $1,800. Finally, we ask that you complete at least one financial course (provided by us at no cost!) and sign up for automated payments from a Greater Nevada checking or savings account. For more information about our car loans and general requirements, read on through the link below.

How to Apply for a Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan

Start the application process today and get working on rebuilding your credit as soon as possible. If you’re not sure how to get a car loan from a credit union, you’re not alone–that’s why we’ve compiled this handy step-by-step checklist to help get you on your way. Just keep in mind that no two loans will have the same rates; it’s all based on your credit history, how much you’re looking to borrow and for how long.


1. Learn How Much You Can Afford

The maximum amount you can borrow for a Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan is $20,000, but you don’t have to borrow that much. Check your finances carefully to be sure you’re borrowing the right amount to fit your budget.


2. Do Your Research

Shopping for a car means comparing all sorts of details, from make and model to mileage and more. Use our free online AutoSMART tool to conveniently explore your options and take the stress out of car shopping.


3. Gather Documents

You’ll need a few important documents for your application. Before you apply, it’s a good idea to gather things like personal identification, your credit history, and for this particular loan, proof of continuous employment with no breaks for at least 12 months, to name a few.


Apply for a Car Loan

Apply online or give our lending team a call at (855) LIV-GR8R. After we receive everything initially needed for your application, a local loan consultant will perform a credit check and review your documents.

Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ready to rebuild? Get acquainted with our Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Program by browsing these handy FAQs.

How can I improve my chances of getting approved?

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Our Credit Rebuilder Auto Loan Program was designed to help members get behind the wheel of a car they need while improving their credit, but not everyone with bad credit will qualify. If you’re unsure whether you’ll be approved, try these steps first:


  • Improve your credit score first, and you can learn about the best way to do so by taking advantage of our free My Credit Health feature within Digital Banking.
  • Bring aboard a well-qualified co-signer.
  • Consider increasing your down payment amount to reduce the amount needing to be financed.

How can I quickly raise my credit score?

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There aren’t many shortcuts to improving a credit score, but there are a few things you can do to get back on track–especially if your credit score is middling rather than poor:


  • Instead of making minimum payments, pay down your credit balance every month.
  • Apply to have your credit limit increased (but don’t start spending more just because).
  • Contact credit reporting agencies to check for errors on your report, or ask to have negative entries removed.
  • As noted above, take advantage of our free My Credit Health feature within Digital Banking to learn tips on how to best positively affect your credit.

Are there credit unions that refinance auto loans with bad credit?

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“Bad credit” means something different to everyone, depending on which credit union you bank with. At Greater Nevada, we offer financial products and tools designed to help car buyers bring their credit scores up on a case-by-case basis. If your original loan is burdensome, or if you’re looking for more financial flexibility, you may look to refinance your car loan with us.

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Apply for a Greater Nevada Credit Union Auto Loan

Get back on the road to your financial goals today. Apply for a Credit Rebuilder loan online or contact your local branch to learn more about our other auto loans.

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