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What's the Best Way to Pay?

RenoFi Renovation Loan


Approved home improvements, especially larger projects
BORROWING AMOUNT Based on the future value of your home (after the renovation)
BEST FOR Newer homeowners who are still building up their equity

Is RenoFi right for your project? Connect with a RenoFi Advisor today.



Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

USES Home improvements and many other needs (e.g., debt consolidation and big purchases)
BORROWING AMOUNT Based on your current home equity
BEST FOR Homeowners who already have substantial equity

Is a traditional HELOC the way to go? We've got you covered.



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  • Get the funds you need for the whole project -- up to 90% of your home's post-renovation value (up to $250,000).*
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a Home Equity Line of Credit and a competitive rate.
  • Skip the hassles of a construction loan. No need to worry about draws, inspections, and extra headaches.
  • Avoid refinancing. If you've already locked in a great rate on your first mortgage, you can keep it.



  1. Pre-Qualify: Fill out our form to inquiry directly with a RenoFi Advisor. Your RenoFi advisor will handle all paperwork and also vet the contractor. Applicants must be a GNCU member, or be eligible for membership, to qualify.
  2. Approval: If everything gets approved by RenoFi in partnership with Greater Nevada's Lending team, then your loan is funded.
  3. Renovate! Start your project with the approved contractor, and Greater Nevada Credit Union will service your loan.
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See if a RenoFi Home Renovation Loan is Right for You.

Please fill out all of the fields below so that a RenoFi Advisor may follow up directly with you. All information is shared only with RenoFi and GNCU.


*The maximum amount borrowed for the renovation and any other mortgages cannot exceed 90% of the property's value after the renovation. Loans available for 1- to 4-family owner-occupied primary residences. Ineligible properties include investment properties, co-ops, mobile homes, and manufactured houses. Homeowner's property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. Fees and changes may apply. All loans subject to approval.